How do Bobbleheads work in Fallout 76

There are numerous types of items available in Fallout 76 that benefit your character when you traverse the deserts of Appalachia. Although you might already be aware of Stimpaks as the usual healing item, as well as the different drugs, you might not have heard of Bobbleheads in Fallout 76. They are difficult to come across and are hidden throughout Appalachia in areas where you wouldn’t typically look. Do you have the ability to locate the whole collection?

What are Bobbleheads and where do they spawn?

Introduced during Fallout 3, Bobbleheads are items you can use to get an instant buff. The type of Bobbleheads you discover you’ll be able to gain different buffs. There’s a distinct Bobblehead to suit the specifics the character. For instance this Small Guns Bobblehead increases the damage that you can take from tiny guns 20% for an hour. After the benefit has worn off the Bobblehead will be discarded and you’ll need to search for it once again in order to reap the benefits.

Bobbleheads can be found in virtually every region around Appalachia. The best places to look for them include:

  • Wavy Willard’s Water Park
    • A shelf is inside the shed for maintenance next to the pool
    • On a shield inside an open locker inside the lockers area near the pool
    • In at the entrance of the alligator’s mouth on the slide.

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  • Tyler County Fairgrounds
    • In front of the shelf of the huge Nuka-Cola stand
    • On a token machine during the basketball game
    • On a table in the shed made of metal
  • Alpine River Cabins
    • The beds are in the cabin with the most southern aspect
    • The beds are under the cabin with the most southeastern aspect
    • In the vicinity of the fire pit that is in the middle of the zone

They are only a few of the many areas where that you will find Bobbleheads throughout Appalachia. Keep your eyes peeled. Every Bobblehead includes the Vault Boy sporting the Vault 76 jumpsuit.

How to use Bobbleheads and the benefits in Fallout 76

There are 20 distinct Bobbleheads that you can use in Fallout 76 that each have distinct effects when used. To make use of the Bobblehead open your inventory and scroll to the Help section under items. Choose the Bobblehead just like any other item you want to make use of it. You will get the following benefit from Bobbleheads:

  • Bobblehead Agility – The Agility score is increased by two points per hour
  • Bobblehead Huge Guns – increases damage from massive weapons by 20 percent over an hour
  • Bobblehead Caps increase your odds of finding more Cap Stashes in one hour
  • Bobblehead Charisma It increases the Charisma score by 2 points in one hour
  • Bobblehead Endurance – Your Endurance score is increased by two points per hour
  • Bobblehead: Energy Weapons – Enhances damage caused by Energy weapons up to 20% in one hour
  • Bobblehead The Bobblehead is explosive – Increases the damage caused by the explosive to 30% over 1 hour
  • Bobblehead Intelligence – Increases your intelligence score by 2 points for an hour
  • Bobblehead”Leader” Get five percent more experience points for an hour
  • Bobblehead for Lockpicking – Expands The size of sweet lockpicking area by 30% over 1 hour
  • Bobblehead Lucky increases your Lucky score by two points over 1 hour
  • Bobblehead”Medicine” increases the healing of Stimpak up to 30 percent in 1 hour
  • Bobblehead melee – Increases the damage of melee weaponry by 20 percent for an hour
  • Bobblehead Perception – It increases your score on Perception by two points per hour
  • Bobblehead Repair – Increases the time for Fusion Cores by 30 percent over 1 hour
  • Bobblehead Science increases the number of times you can try hacking by one one hour
  • Bobblehead Small Guns increase the damage from ballistic weaponry by up to 20% over 1 hour
  • Bobblehead”Sneak” – makes it 30% more difficult to be detected while sneaking around for an hour
  • Bobblehead Strength – It increases your Strength score by two in 1 hour
  • Bobblehead Unarmed increases the damage caused by strikes that are not armed by 25% in an hour

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The Curator Perk can increase the amount of time you’re subject to Bobbleheads by an hour which makes every Bobblehead last for 2 hours instead of.

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