How to get the Cycle: Frontier Twitch drops

Twitch drops are an excellent option to acquire items for your games of choice without having to put in a large amount of work to get these items. The Cycle Frontier includes a wealth of items to play through your prospector, however, you’ll have to go beyond clicking some buttons and connect your account. This guide will help you find The Cycle: Frontier Twitch drops, when to search for them, and what they can provide for you.

How do The Cycle: Frontier Twitch drops work?

There will be times where anyone streaming within The Cycle: Frontier category on Twitch can be able to have Twitch drops available. On certain days only partner streams and affiliates would get Twitch drops enabled. So, you’ll have to be on the lookout for the streamers you’re capable of getting drops from by monitoring their social media channels.

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Each day , if Twitch drops have been enabled, users are able to earn up to 6 drops per day over 18 hours. You have to be following streamers that have Twitch drops enabled to earn the drops.

The later the drop is made available and the higher the prize could be. The best way to make a name for yourself is to make sure you get every drop during a season. Every person can have up to 66 drops, which puts you in a great position for the next time you fall onto Fortuna III.

When Twitch drops are available the starting and closing time to earn rewards is 6 am ET. The timings will be different. For instance, if a Twitch drop period lasts from June 20 through 21, the starting time is 6 am ET in June 20. Likewise, the final time at 6 AM ET at the time of the June 21st.

The Cycle Frontier Twitch drop schedule

This list highlights each period that Twitch drops are available in The Cycle: Frontier and who stream, while also offering rewards during those timeframes.

  • June 23-25 The open day is a time where anyone can stream using Twitch drops.
  • June 25-28 (Partners only days) in which only partners can allow Twitch drops based on the basis of a rotating pattern. The pattern will be more readily revealed nearer the time.
  • June 28-29 The days are for affiliates only where only affiliates are able to enable Twitch drops. These streamers are a smaller group of upcoming creators who are dedicated to The Cycle: Frontier.
  • 30 June to 2 July The only days for partners where only the most favored players who participated in the betas of the game are able to allow Twitch drops.
  • July 2 – 4 The days are open where anyone is able to enable Twitch drops to the last date in the schedule.

When will The Cycle: Frontier Twitch drops begin?

The developer Yager is confirming the fact that Twitch drops in The Cycle: Frontier don’t start until season 1 goes available. The date of release of season one is the 22nd of June So you’ll have to wait until June 22 before you’re able to receive Twitch drops in the first season of the game. From this point onwards, Twitch drops will likely start from the beginning date of the next season.

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