How to infect every character in The Quarry

Guide to infect every character in The Quarry: If you’ve looked through the achievements/trophies list of The Quarry, you’ve spotted one that’s called “Blood Pact.” The accomplishment requires that you infect each counselor, a notion that might be considered spoiler of its own. We’ll provide a spoiler alert before we explain the steps to unlock it as this guide has specific information for the majority of the chapters in the game.

How to infect every character in The Quarry

How infections work?

In order to contract the virus it is necessary to be victimized by the werewolf. There are certain circumstances that each member of the 9 counselors may be bitten. They require a lot of choices as well as rapid Time events. A thing to keep in mind is there is a possibility that you could get everyone infected and be able to keep them all alive. This is because of being a victim of curse on werewolves Shooting Silas at the end of the game can heal everyone immediately. This also includes members of those in the Hackett families, even though they aren’t able to count towards the challenge by themselves. But, you may decide to save a complete infection run for later plays.

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Laura & Max

How to infect every character in The Quarry

Laura and Max are both included, however since they’re both infected automatically within the plot There’s no need to do anything extra. Think about them being removed from your list.


How to infect every character in The Quarry

Abi will be the very first person that you can infect. As you flee towards the werewolf at Chapter 3 You must you fail to complete to complete the Quick Time events on purpose. The result is being bitten.


How to infect every character in The Quarry

The two methods to get infected with Emma The first is in Chapter 4. It doesn’t require any prior set-up, and occurs when you meet an island werewolf. When you come back toward the forest house you can choose to stop your door rather than heading straight to the trap entrance. Do not succeed in the following rapid time events and she’ll end up getting bit.

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The alternative method is to make a decision earlier. If you discover that the fireworks are in the safe from Chapter 2, you can choose to put them in. Or, you can pick them up from the campfire in Chapter 6. Returning at the lodge you can choose to run. A werewolf will attack you. If there aren’t fireworks to scare it away and you’ll get bitten.


How to infect every character in The Quarry

Infecting Dylan requires a different option. If you are the first to control Abi at the beginning of Chapter 1 you’ll have the option of helping Emma get into the cabin and do it. In chapter 5, Dylan and Ryan will be in the radio cabin when a werewolf comes in. The result will be Dylan being bitten in the hand, however only if you escaped the cabin prior to. Because everyone is infected at the same time, you should not choose to cut off Dylan’s hand following the bite. Do not worry, you can keep Dylan alive regardless of the bite.



You’ll have to make a major decision with Jacob also in order to make this happen. After being freed from the of the trap, in Chapter 3 you’ll be given the option of throwing dirt at the face of the hunter. If you do this, you’ll escape without receiving an smear or smears of blood of the werewolf.

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The infection occurs during Chapter 6 where Jacob escapes from the werewolf. You’ll have to make it through the fast-paced sequence in this chapter and with out the protection of the blood of the werewolf the bite will be on you too. (How to infect every character in The Quarry)



Ryan’s illness is a result of an unambiguous choice. In Chapter 9 he’ll start bleeding after having the knife taken from his side (this occurs in at some point or another regardless of the choice you make). Laura is willing to bite him and then infect him in order to make the wound heal. Take the offer, but keep your distance.


How to infect every character in The Quarry

Kaitlyn is the only counselor who is susceptible to being infected and is able to be infected, but it requires the exact steps. All of this happens in Chapter 9, when Kaitlyn and Dylan are in the junkyard during Chapter 9. While Dylan is in the scaffolding, he’ll see the werewolf coming towards him. The first step is to notify Kaitlyn and then perform the QTE. Then, you can choose to smash into the car and be unsuccessful inthe subsequent QTE. The result will be her getting bitten in her leg.

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