How to get mods for the Enclave Plasma Rifle in Fallout 76

One of the most important aspects in Fallout 76 is the crafting system. You can use almost any weapon and place it on a bench, and then modify it to make it superior to the model that was originally created. One of the best weapons includes one called the Enclave Plasma Rifle. It is available in a variety of events and an online vendor, however the mods are harder to find for Enclave Plasma Rifle in Fallout 76. This can take some time in order to gather the entire set.

Where can you buy the mods?

Mods are for Enclave Plasma Rifle can be purchased, but only from certain sellers. If you look to the southeast part of the maps, you’ll come across Watoga. Two vendors are available located in Watoga. The first one is located near the railroad tracks at the train station as do of the other sellers in Watoga.

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The second vendor can be found in the downtown area in the trade post. There’s a sign on the on the front which reads “Trade Post” to inform you of the location. They aren’t guaranteed for mods. If you go to them and they don’t work, try again later or hop on a server to find for more luck.

Where to grind for mods

Beyond the vendors There are some activities you can participate in to increase your chances of obtaining mods. Since the mods aren’t removed by the destruction of Enclave Plasma Rifles it is necessary be more diligent in obtaining these mods.

Participating in enclave events such as Dropped Connection and Bots on Parade will allow you to obtain the mods you require. These events are likely to occur at several train stations as well as Berkeley Springs, Watoga, and Harpers Ferry. Additionally, you can get mods through the daily quest Cop A Squatter.

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