How to get Enclave Plasma Rifle in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has many amazing weapons. While some of the weapons are basic, some are extremely effective and worth the effort to acquire. One of the most effective guns you are able to acquire throughout Appalachia can be that of the Enclave Plasma Rifle. One of the advantages for this firearm is that enemies are able to dissolve into goo. Many have referred to that this weapon is the most powerful weapon currently in the game But how do you achieve it?

Where to find the Enclave Plasma Rifle in Fallout 76?

Contrary to other robust weapons, such as other weapons that are powerful, such as the Plasma Cutter, the Enclave Plasma Rifle can be obtained through one of the major stories missions. The mission that you can finish to acquire the weapon is known as one of Us.

The mission can be completed upon reaching the Whitespring Bunker during the main campaign. It isn’t guaranteed that the weapon will drop during this mission.

How to get Enclave Plasma Rifle in Fallout 76

If it’s not dropped it’s possible to look across the map to determine whether there are events that are Dropped Connection events currently active. They can be found on the map in Berkeley Springs, Harpers Ferry and Watoga.

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If you don’t find Dropped Connection in any of these regions, you can simply leave the game. Dropped Connection event active in one of these areas it is possible to quit the game and switch to another server to get another opportunity. You can also check for the MODUS terminals on Whitespring to find the weapon, but it could be expensive.

Where and how to purchase the legendary Enclave Plasma Rifle

While the majority of the guns in the game are famous can be found in legendary creatures however, the Enclave Plasma Rifle can’t. The only way to make this weapon legendary weapon is to make it.

Legendary crafting is easy and requires legendary cores, and Modules to complete. Fortunately, the weapon is easy to get from missions, and you should not be able to get lots of them if are a fan of the weapon and would like to create a variety of legendary weapons.

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