Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon Guide in Lost Ark

Abyssal Dungeons are a portion of the late-game content in Lost Ark that combine the dungeon-crawling aspects of Chaos Dungeons and the boss-blasting aspects that are part of Guardian Raids to provide players with a diverse adventure. Demon Beast Canyon, the first Abyssal Dungeon accessible to players, is a unique gameplay mechanics within the bosses’ combat cycles that must be planned for in order to emerge from it with just a few pieces of original equipment that is more valuable.

Lost Ark: Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon Guide


To gain access to Abyssal Dungeons as an activity the players have to be able to complete She Waits, He Leaves quest. It requires them to complete the quest line of North Vern sufficiently to clear all of the Ancient Elveria dungeon. Like most activities at the end of the game the characters have to reach the level of 50 to gain access to the best active skill set that is available.

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Being the first Abyssal Dungeon Demon Beast Canyon features the most minimal entry requirements in comparison to other Dungeons which require players to bring at least at 340 of equipment. It is possible to accomplish this quickly by making improvements to the equipment acquired after the completion of the Shushire quest line, provided that players have enough honing resources from the beginning of Una’s Tasks to improve their gear.

Boss one: corrupted Vazuela

Corrupted Valuela is the first of two bosses players will encounter while working their journey to Demon Beast Canyon. A large flesh-eating beast Vazuela is known for casting blood pools of area-of-effect within the arena. These pools take away players’ health bars when they are in the pools.

Prior to casting any of the pools, Vazuela is going to target one individual, which is indicated by a white crosshair that floats over the head of the target. After a short time the boss will throw the blood pool to this player’s feet. The pool will remain there till the time players are able to stagger it during fight.

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Multiple blood pools could be in use at the same time during stagger opportunities and can significantly reduce the area of playable for boss battles. To combat this the players who are targeted are advised to stay as far from the battle as they can so as to ensure that blood pools they follow will move into an area not being utilized by other players.

Boss 2: Vile Scarkrill

Vile Scarkrill, an ultimate boss in Demon Beast Canyon, is an extremely mobile foe who requires accurate dash movements as well as co-ordination to defeat. The move set is heavy on AoE and includes broad Conal Attacks, gamers are urged to remain in their distance and try to counter attacks in its long attacks.

During the battle against Scarkrill the creature will slowly absorb darkness stacks, as evident through the effect of the red sword visible under the health bar. When it reaches six darkness stacks the boss will see four orbs appear in the arena of the boss.

These orbs are created with health bars and may be destroyed, however those who attempt to destroy them will take the risk of being damaged, possibly destroying teams that do not coordinate. Instead, it is recommended to join together around one orb in the sequence.

Scarkrill will teleport to player’s position in the orb and attempt to strike. Fast fighters can utilize their dash skills to get away from danger which causes Scarkrill to take out the orb. If they are lured into attacking the four orbs in succession, each is temporarily stunned and weak and vulnerable to players with the most deadly attacks.

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