Creative and fun ideas to decorate your dorm in Rec Room

Although your dorm room could be Rec Room There is a myriad of ways to modify it to make it truly your personal. With a variety of options available it can be difficult to choose a best and most effective style. To help you decide what your dorm ought to look like Here are five suggestions that can make your space the most talked about in the community. (decorate your dorm in Rec Room)

Your dorm can be transformed into an sports facility

decorate your dorm in Rec Room

Our opinion is that dorms that can be the most enjoyable to stay in include many interactive devices that you and your buddies can have fun with. Therefore, if you can create an indoor sports facility your space will turn out to be a fun space to relax. We suggest starting the project with a dorm skin that has at least two floors, and adding items such as an arcade basketball hoops, soccer goal, ping-pong table, or pitching machines. Don’t not include several baseball bats and balls for your friends, so they are able to play along with you.

Show off Star Wars fandom

decorate your dorm in Rec Room

If you take an instant look through the store catalog of the game you can see that Star Wars-themed items are available in hundreds of them and are available for free. From Yoda plushies, gigantic replicas of Jedis and lightsabers, it’s clear that you’ll be able to overflow your dorm room with your favorite characters and other items. You could even go an extra step and transform your room to one of the most famous spots, like this Rec Room rendition of Mos Eisley Cantina that you can see above.

Live inside paintball Arena

decorate your dorm in Rec Room

There are a lot of games that are competitive in the Rec Room, but what do you think if you had an entire gun range of your own to play in? If this appeals to you, head to the local store and search “paintball.” You should discover a myriad of guns, each sporting the same color of neon paint. Then, you could throw a few targets against the wall to ensure that your trigger finger is warmed up prior to a game in public.

Make a fully-fledged apartment


It’s true that your tiny dorm room could be transformed to a multi-floor home with a myriad of beautiful furniture pieces. The easiest way to do this is to download and applying dorm skins like the Cozy Loft designed by the creator Jammmy and a mirror in your dorm. You can also install additional doors and wire them using the Trigger volume gadget, which allows you to move through various games and rooms at a single click. (decorate your dorm in Rec Room)

Create a video game museum

Video game room

Another option is to fill your home with only video games souvenirs. For example those who are ardent Nintendo players can locate many items such as an actual Mario and a huge replica of the Nintendo Switch. But, you need to use more than innovations. The game provides a variety of dorm-themed skins free of charge which can be used in conjunction with this theme for video games. In the above image we even tried adding an appearance featuring neon green lights that perfectly complement our tribute to everything Xbox.

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