How to play the Brr-Zerker in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

You can become the resident barbarian using The Brr-Zerker Class. This class that deals damage is one of the most strong melee classes in Tina’s Wonderlands with combat skills that add to that power. The class shines when by a group of foes, and going wild in the battleground. This is all necessary to learn about how to master the Brr-Zerker skillfully in Wonderlands.

How to play the Brr-Zerker in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Barbaric Rage

Like these classes from Wonderlands The Brr-Zerker also has two actions skills that be used to benefit from the class’s ability Rage of the Ancients. If you are playing this class your ability causes you to become infuriated whenever you use an action ability. This can add bonus frost damage to all your attacks. The rage does not end instantly and can last for a long time or until you are knocked down.

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 In addition to the feat, the action capabilities in this class are Dreadwind as well as Feral Surge. Dreadwind is a skill which causes you to spin around while carrying an assault weapon. Each hit against enemies deals melee damage. When this skill is active you are unaffected by slowing. Feral Surge causes you to jump forward, causing frost-related damage to an AOE when you reach. If the skill kills an opponent then the cooldown immediately reset.

Frost is your friend

The Brr-Zerker puts a large emphasis on frost damage and cooling down of actions. The majority of the Brr-Zerker’s abilities can give you bonus points to your action skills as well as frost damage and effectiveness as well as overall damage to guns. In accordance with the build you have, you will be able to cause a great deal of damage using frigid weapons and leave your enemies frozen to the ground. The most significant skills found in the Brr-Zerker tree include:

  • Non-resisting An amount of the health you are lacking grows over time. If you’re angry this effect can be increased by a factor of 2.
  • Ice Breaker It increases the damage to enemies that are reduced in speed. The closer an opponent is towards being frozen greater damage it takes.
  • the old Ways: You gain greater damage dealt and damage reduction as you get closer to an opponent. The closer you get to the enemy, the higher the bonus.
  • Cold Snap Speed of movement as well as frost efficiency increase. If you’re angry the effect doubles.
  • Blood Frenzy A kill can restore a certain percentage of your enrage duration and an amount of your maximum health.

It is crucial to concentrate your Hero Points towards increasing your critical damage as well as duration of status effects. Since the Brr-Zerker’s focus is on status damage using frost weapons and frost weapons, increasing the damage you suffer from frost is crucial. While it’s an Brr-Zerker attribute it is not necessary to concentrate on boosting your strength unless you’re seeking more strength.

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Magic or melee

The Brr Zerker is a great weapon to pair together with Stabbomancer and the Graveborn. The Stabbomancer is the master of receiving critical hits. However it is also the Stabbomancer is also adept in squishy play on the battlefield. Combining both classes will lead to you getting better efficiency from your frost attacks and more devastating strikes that are sure to destroy your enemies. As both classes are able to increase their damage in melee damage, you’ll be able to easily knock your enemies off the table.

The Graveborn can provide you with an additional benefit, which is increased healing and magical abilities. The Graveborn’s love of dark magic can boost the brr-zerker’s abilities to be magical and enable them to remain alive longer fighting. Additionally, you will enjoy the advantage of having a friend who can take a portion of the attacks for you.

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