How to get Tiger Mounts Lost Ark

You’ll want to own the Lost Ark tiger mounts. It will take some time to unlock the Azure Soul Vanguard and Black Soul Vanguard. They are a reward for the Ark Pass. This is Smilegate’s solution to the industry-standard battle pass. We have the details below on unlocking the Lost Ark Tiger’s Mounts.

How to unlock the tiger mounts in Lost Ark

You must reach level 10 to unlock the Lost Ark tiger’s mount. The Azure and Black Soul Vanguard mounts are available for free to everyone. You can only select one of the two tiger mounteds. So choose wisely. Both versions of the mount can be used in the same way, except for their appearance. This will make it easier to decide.

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Complete the Ark Pass season and normal missions daily to level up your Ark Pass. You can complete the normal missions once per day. This will increase your Ark Pass track’s level to level ten. You will find plenty of goodies in the Ark Pass’s premium and free tracks , including the Noble Banquet outfits. It’s a good way to level up and unlock all the content.

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