How to get the Taunt Emote in Lost Ark

Find out where you can get an item called the Taunt Emote from Lost Ark

If you’re looking to frighten your adversaries or to throw some shade into Lost Ark, doing some in-game emotes is a great option to accomplish it. With hundreds of unique emotes to choose from, there’s plenty of them available and you’ll have to be aware of where to look if are looking to get the entire collection. We’ll help you find Taunt Emote in Lost Ark. Taunt Emote within Lost Ark in this guide.

How to get the Taunt Emote Lost Ark

It is possible to purchase the Taunt Emote and it can be purchased at Blackfang at Freedom Isle.

Blackfang: The Blackfang can be found in Captain’s Quarters on Freedom Isle which is located just east of Vern in the open waters situated just southwest of continent Anikka. Once you reach Freedom Isle, simply go to the northwest side of the boat and search for the doorway for the Captain’s Quarters. Blackfang is hanging out there , looking terrifying.

It’s worth it. Taunt Emote will cost you 3360 Gienah’s Coins to buy. If you’ve got some left over, you could buy a different Emote, and possibly even the Giant’s Heart if you’re flush with coins.

Blackfang also sells the following items at Lost Ark:

  • Emote Taunt 3360 Gienah’s Coin
  • Emote: Roar – 3360 Gienah’s Coin
  • Eighth Giant’s Heart 4000 Gianah’s Coin
  • Sail Glyph Honor 500 Gienah’s Coin

How to Get Taunt Emote in Lost Ark

After you have purchased the Emote Taunt, you can click it right-click to learn it , and then go to your emotes menu to see it in action. Certain emotes are needed for specific quest-related dialogue or to complete certain quests. Check out this map if your little lost and want to know how to locate the Blackfang on Freedom Isle.

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