How to get Magic Downpour sorcery in Elden Ring

It is the Magic Downpour sorcery is one of the sorceries of the Carian royal family. The spell allows you to summon a massive amount of magic that shoots projectiles across a large area. It can be cast when moving around, which is extremely useful when trying to move around your area of interest. It is also possible to charge this sorcery to increase its duration.

If you’d like to become an authentic sorcerer belonging to the Royal Family, should get this magic spell. Here’s how to obtain this spell. Magic Downpour sorcery in Elden Ring.

To gain access to this magic To obtain this sorcery, you must travel towards in the Liurnia region. It is located on the map located to North of Limgrave located on the opposite side of Stormveil Castle. There are two ways you can travel to Liurnia. For starters, you could travel to Stormveil Castle. Doing this will require you to defeat Godrick and Margit. Margit as well as Godrick which can be challenging at lower levels.

It is also possible to take the more straightforward route that runs along Eastern Cliffs. This route will lead you to the exterior the walls of Stormveil Castle and will lead you to the exact spot where you’d be when you go around the castle.

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When you have arrived within Liurnia then head towards the east side of the area by falling down the cliffs starting from the region’s beginning or by entering through the opening located on the eastern end of the lake. You will be able to find Carian Study Hall. The hall is accessible right away. You can walk through the study room and you’ll find an aggressive NPC known as Preceptor Miriam. She will appear in the study area and try to destroy you.

You’ll have to follow her through the study area and then defeat her in order to get Magic Downpour. Magic Downpour sorcery. She will make use of this magic during the battle, so you can witness it working.

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