Lost Ark: Velganos Guardian Raid Guide

Velganos is the last Level five Guardian Raid from Lost Ark, and he’s one of the toughest Guardian Raids currently in the game. Velganos is a monster and can inflict a lot of damage using attacks that are capable of taking away anyone in a single blast. Before you take on this monster it’s essential to understand the mechanics so that you can prepare yourself for what’s to come.

When you’re thinking about items such as Pheremone Bomb, Potions, and Whirlwind Grenades. Velganos comes with some stagger checks, which means you should make a Whirlwind Grenade when your team is short on stagger. Also, it’s crucial to ensure that Velganos remain in a wide open space for the final phase. If Velganos is spawned in an area that isn’t accessible and he wants to teleport, let him go to another area.

Lost Ark Velganos Guardian Raid Guide

Phase One and Two

Velganos is extremely powerful and terrifying attacks, which is why it is important to understand his strategies. The main element of his attack includes his Light or Dark mechanic, which allows you to take on or suffer more damage. Through all of Velganos his phases, there are specific areas of Light which you must be able to step into. By stepping into these Light zones grants you stacks of Light. The more stacks you’ve got the more damage you’ll suffer, and at maximum stacks, you’ll deal lesser damage, too.

You could carry up to five stacks. If you’re in an event, it is recommended that everyone carry at least three stacks since that’s where the damage boost you get from these stacks will expire. A lot of his attacks increase on top of the Dark debuff. Try to avoid these attacks to ensure you do not lose your stacks Light.

Each phase will also come with the stagger check. You’ll be able to tell when Velganos encircles himself with an enveloping glowing light. You can unleash all of your stagger damage on Velganos If you succeed, he’ll remain stunned for an long period of time. If you do not succeed, Velganos will wipe your party. (If you don’t possess enough Stagger Damage then you could escape from Velganos and bypass this step.)

Velganos can occasionally perform bite attacks. The golden circle will appear before him, and the allies will also receive an golden orb on their heads. One person in the group is suddenly given the black orb. The person who receives the orb has to enter the circle of gold. After that, Velganos will lunge in and strike the player with the black orb locking them in. Then, Velganos will stun himself. If you don’t enter the circle, or if an ineligible player enters the circle Velganos can wipe the party clean.

Phase Three

If Velganos enters his third stage, the battle is generally carried out as normal. But, when you reach 30 percent HP Velganos is likely to turn red in a rage that causes more damage. It is also receiving less damage if you don’t have stacks of Light.

Velganos is a major and deadly attack strategy which you should avoid in the event that your team will not be able to deal the damage needed. If he is angry Velganos doesn’t drop Light circles as usual which makes it hard to collect the necessary Light stacks.

He will be surrounded by the form of a dark circle. The circle will spin around in just the direction of. From here, move behind Velganos and be aware of which direction the swirl is heading. He will then begin a pizza attack which will grant one of the triangles Light stacks and the other one will provide Dark stacks and cause the damage. It is necessary to walk around in an arc to that direction to avoid the swirl. If you do this, you will be granted four Light stacks if you are doing it properly.

These are the main mechanics that you must know in order to defeat Velganos within Lost Ark. This is by far the most difficult Guardian Raid in Lost Ark thus far, so be sure to read this guide to be ready for the most important mechanics.

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