How to Check the Number of Apex Legends Packs You’ve Opened

This is the most effective way to find out the number of Apex Legends packs you own!

If you want to be successful to be successful Apex Legends, you must purchase packs. These packs include rare, epic, as well as legendary objects. When you’ve completed 500 packs, you’ll also get at least one of the most rare heirloom items. It’s a unique cosmetic melee weapon that is very difficult to locate and is unique to every Apex Legend.

If you don’t have a clue about how many packs you’ve opened in the past and you don’t determine when you’ll receive one of these rare treasures from the past.

This is how to determine the quantity of Apex Legends packs you’ve opened.

How can you check the number of Apex Legends packs you’ve opened

It’s not a secret that these heirlooms are among the most sought-after items within Apex Legends. They require an enormous amount of money to purchase and can take months to unlock with simple loot.

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This is the reason Respawn Entertainment decided to reward players with these items once they’ve opened at minimum 500 packs. To help players figure out how many packs they’ve opened, an Apex Legends fan designed a distinctive Apex Packs Calculator. The way it works is as follows:

  • Visit the Apex Packs Calculator ( and enter the Account level: The link provided will direct players to the Apex Pack tracker page , where you’ll be asked to enter the Account Level. It is located on top of your head in the lobby in game in Apex Legends. This will allow the generator to determine how many packs you’ve earned in the levels.
  • Enter your Season’s stage: Your Season Level is available in every Apex Legend’s tab for banners. After that, you’ll find a badge for the season with the number in the middle of the badge indicating the stage you’ve attained.
  • Note : If you’ve bought an Battle Pass: You will also be required to enter the amount of Apex packs along with entries for quests, events as well as Twitch Prime members.

If you’ve done these three steps after which you can begin the Apex Legends pack generator will determine the amount of packs you’ve opened up at this point. It will also give the user an indication of the distance you’re getting to the 500 mark and even obtaining an heirloom box that you can own.

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