Best Spirit Summons in Elden Ring

Here is a list of the top Spirit Summons in Elden Ring.

Utilizing the power of the Spirit Calling Bell given to you by “Renna” near the beginning of Elden Ring (or in the Roundtable Hold if you missed her) you can summon the spirit of the fallen warriors and beasts that have risen from their graves to help you in combat. These AI-controlled companions are only summoned during major battles, like boss battles, however they are extremely useful to help you. There are many summoning options available However, here are a few of the most powerful Spirit Summons from Elden Ring.

Best Spirit Summons in Elden Ring

The Spirit Summon you get the most benefit from will be contingent on your style of play and the place you allocate your resources. However, there are three specific ones that I feel are worthy of note:

Skeletal Militiamen

They are Skeletal Militiamen comprise a pair of skeletons who wield long spears. While they’re not the strongest Summon on the table, they’re an excellent Summon to use in early game encounters which is why they are worthy of mention.

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The great thing about Skeletal Militiamen is they, like the skeletons that you meet in crypts they can revive themselves. In the event that their health bar have been empty, they’ll come back to health in a matter of minutes with their health restored to full. If their cores don’t get destroyed, they’ll be able to re-appear indefinitely. With a bit of coordination, they’ll keep the attention of enemies away from you, and you can keep it away from them as they revive.

Mimic Tear

In terms of allies, there are few better than an additional Tarnished on your side. If you don’t have any players on the table, then you can use the Mimic Tear is the next most effective option. When summoned by the Mimic Tear, it will duplicate your character all the way down to your gear providing you with the ability to create a fully-capable shadow with the same statistics. It even has the ability to be able to heal itself!

Its Mimic Tear was unfortunately nerfed in the 1.03 patch however it’s still an excellent workhorse summoner particularly if your combat strategy is based on the use of specific weapon or spell. Make sure you have the proper equipment available whenever you summon it.

Black Knife Tiche

For one-on-one combat It’s hard to find anything better than black Knife Tiche. Tiche is a whirlwind of speed across the battlefield and unleashes broad slashes as well as threatening attack with stabs. These are quite effective on their own however the most effective is when she makes use of her Slashing Wave attack. The attack fires an edged projectile into opponents that does not just deal significant damage, but also inflicts it with a damage-over-time effect which quickly burns large portions of health.

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Tiche is a great option for a boss that has a single fight, particularly because her skillful footwork is able to attract the attention of enemies, without causing her to die in a hurry. She’s not as strong when it comes to AoE attacks, however it’s important to keep that in mind.

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