The best Dexterity build and weapons in Elden Ring

Are you a lover of bent swords, katanas or Rapiers? If yes you might find a dexterity building just be right for you. Similar to the Souls games before it, the dexterity build isn’t a requirement Souls titles, Elden Ring doesn’t tell you how to build an ideal build. Instead, everything you do with your character is entirely up to you, from the outfit you select and the weapons you pick. If you’re struggling to make your best dexterity builds, Here are some suggestions to help you make it perfect and some weapons worth hunting down.

What is Good dexterity builds

There are many various dexterity build options available online, with some promising knock down bosses in one shot or give you the power of invincibility. One of the top build for dexterity is based on Katanas. Look through the following list to see all the equipment you’ll need.

  • Uchigatana: Found in the Deathtouched Catacombs located in the northern part of Limgrave towards the northeast east of The Warmaster’s Shack.
  • River of Blood: This could be the best alternative to the Uchigatana however any other katana can be used as they all cause bleeding to the victim. Rivers of Blood can be obtained from Okina when he is in the vicinity of in the Church of Repose in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

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  • Lord of Blood’s Excultation: Retrieved after defeating Esgar priest of Blood in the Leyndell Catacombs.
  • White Mask: This one is not required, but it increases your attack power similar to it does in Lord Of Blood’s exultation. This item can be obtained after beating Mohgwyn, the Nameless White Mask NPC invader in the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. By killing Mohg Lord of Blood can prevent you from getting this item.
  • Seppuku: This weapon art is located in the northern portion in the freezing lake located in the Mountaintops of the Giants. It is necessary to take out an invisible scarab in order to obtain the weapon.

With all the gear that are listed above, you’ve got the foundation for a successful Dexterity build. Add on the Seppuku artwork on your Uchigatana and then equip all the other gear. You can put on any type of armor you want. By using Seppuku’s Seppuku weapon art, you can trigger Lord of the Blood’s Exultation’s effects and increase the damage you suffer. can then utilize the two blades to cause massive bleeding damage to the enemies close to you, or simply make use of the River of Blood’s weapon art. Although arcane does not have to be higher than 20 in this case, it’s advised since River of Blood scales off arcane. It is possible to avoid the requirement for arcane by making use of other Katanas.

Weapons to be on the Look out for

best Dexterity build and weapons in Elden Ring

There are many of best dexterity weapons. It is a fact that nearly any weapon could be effective if the person who is using it who is competent enough to utilize it. Before we dive to a listing of weapon types that are based on dexterity, here’s some options which are useful, but they don’t figure at it to the forefront of our list.

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  • Reduvia: Retrieved from Invader in the River North of Agheel Lake in Limgrave Reduvia may throw blood at enemies that can cause numerous bleeding injuries.
  • Bloodhound’s Fang: Dropped by Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in Limgrave, the Bloodhound’s Fang is a curved greatsword that can cause bleeding. The blade can be used to perform a unique weapon art that causes you to fly across the air, making numerous attacks.
  • Dragon King’s Cragblade: Dragon King’s Cragblade is strong heavy thrusting sword that lets you use the weapon of your choice that stuns your adversaries with lots of lightning. The drawback is that the weapon is only available from Placidusax, the Dragon Lord within Crumbling Farum Azula.

Although each of the weapons mentioned above is impressive in their own ways but they aren’t equipped with the capabilities of the guns listed below or are difficult to acquire.


Moonveil is just one of the many katanas available to discover in the game. Although it appears to be an ordinary katana has an unique ability that separates it from others, namely Transient Moonlight. Imagine this sword as a simplified variant of the Dark Moon Greatsword. When you activate the ability, it can shoot out Moonlight-infused waves. This weapon requires some intelligence in order to utilize. This weapon can be obtained by beating the Magma Wyrm in the Gael Tunnel in Caelid.


Urumi is an intriguing blade, but it is one of the few capable of scaling S-rank in dexterity. It can be made to infused with the the ashes of war, which means you can add any art work you’d like to put on it. While it’s a whip, it is actually a sword that can be coiled and functions as whip. It is capable of locking opponents in a stun and then removing them. If you are looking for this weapon You can find it at Caria Manor.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Morgott’s Cursed Sword can be obtained through the Remembrance of the Omen King. This means you have be able to take on Morgott within the Capital City to retrieve the weapon. The weapon stands out from many other dexterity weapons due because of the distinctive weapon design which leaves a trail of blood in the direction of your attack. This weapon art is ideal to use for stacking bleeding damage to your adversaries.

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