Elden Ring Moonveil Location

Find the Moonveil location in Elden Ring that are given below..

Katanas seem to have a higher natural coolness factor when it comes to swords than broadswords. It’s just the way it is. Katanas make up an entire class in Elden Ring. They are cool but what is cooler? A magical katana that can scale stats to incredible effect. It just so happens that such a katana exists in Elden Ring. It’s one the most powerful katanas, possibly the best weapon in the game. Here are the locations where you can find Moonveil within Elden Ring.

About Moonveil

Moonveil, a unique katana from Elden Ring, is almost made for DEX/INT builds. Moonveil’s physical damage rating is 73, and more importantly, its magic damage rating is 87. Although it has an E in ST scaling, it isn’t very useful for physical fighters. However, it has a D and C in DEX scaling that spellcasters and bandits can make excellent use of. Did I mention that the special skill, Transient Moonlight allows you to do quick-draw slashes and fire off light beams. This sword will let you be Vergil from Devil May Cry if you ever wanted.

Where to find moonveil in Elden Ring?

This beautiful piece of enchanted iron is located in Limgrave. It’s located in Limgrave, which is good news. It’s located right at the border of Limgrave to Caelid, which can be a difficult spot for those just beginning their game.

Moonveil is located in a dungeon called Gael Tunnel. It’s right at the border of Limgrave, Caelid, and you’ll see the area where the ground turns a dark red coloration. You can find the entrance to Gael Tunnel by following the main road, past Stormveil Castle.

Gael Tunnel is deep underground mine full of soldiers and miners equipped with heavy, burning weapons. They are sturdy but not very strong, especially if they can be dropped on. If you have difficulty getting to the bottom of the shaft, there is a Site of Grace.

You’ll find a pair wooden double doors as you go deeper into the mine. To your left, you’ll find a Site of Grace. If you have to go, the small wooden door will be open. Alexander, everyone’s favorite talking-jar, will also be there if you have helped him out of this predicament. Talk to him several times to keep his questline moving. Find moonveil in Elden Ring

Once you have gathered your courage, you can open the wooden double doors to meet the Magma Wyrm. This tall drink of lava spews molten fire and carries a huge sword. Why would a dragon need a sword …?? The Magma Wyrm can be a tough opponent. However, it is worth keeping your distance and using magic attacks to defeat him. High INT characters may find it easier to fight the Magma Wyrm. Multi-hit spells such as Glintblade Phalanx, which can easily break the Wyrm’s stance and open him up for a critical hit in the eye, are more effective. You can avoid the Wyrm’s front legs if you are running out of magic or need to be close to him for melee combat. Pay attention to his sudden slam on the ground.

You’ll receive 7,500 Runes, Dragon Hearts, and, most importantly, Moonveil. You will need to have a STR score of 12, a DEX score of 18 and an INT score of 23 in order to use Moonveil. Although it’s quite a task, once you’re able to use it, it will replace your Glintstone staff.

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