How to stun the Killer in Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, as the Survivors Dead by Daylight try to avoid the Killer and escape the Killer, they are equipped with a variety of techniques they can employ to stay out of the way. One of these is the stun mechanism. It is as the name implies the stun mechanic imprisons you or the Killer for a short period of time. It not only gives survivors a chance to flee, it can also release the Survivor from the grip of the Killer. You can shock the Killer using a variety of ways such as using items or benefits. This guide provides every method for shocking the Killer and the best way to do it.

How to stun the Killer in Dead by Daylight?

How to stun the Killer with pallets

How to stun the Killer in Dead by Daylight

Pallets are obstacles that are scattered throughout the game’s globe. While Survivors are able to simply leap over a Pallet that is activated the Killers must destroy it in order to get past it. This takes some time and allows Survivors to get the chance to make sure that they are able to keep a gap between themselves and their pursuers. To stun the Killer with a pallet you have to pass by one as you would as a Survivor and then press the action button when you move. The pallet will be triggered to drop. If it is dropped when the Killer gets too close to the pallet, they’ll be caught when it falls, and be stunned for a short time. After that, you can utilize the pallet to stay ahead of the Killer in the future so long as they don’t smack it.

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How to stun the Killer with a Flashlight

How to stun the Killer in Dead by Daylight

Utilizing a flashlight is one of the most well-known methods to stun the Killer. The flashlight doesn’t just stun the Killer but also has an Lightburn affect on the Wraith and Nurse. People who survive can find flashlights inside containers or even bring them into matches to be used as an item. Press an item to start the flashlight. Then focus it on the face of the Killer to blind and stun them for a short period of time. The Killers are then forced to drop any Survivors they’re holding , making they unable to pursue your for a few seconds. The only exceptions are Nurse and Wraith are affected by the Lightburn effect, as the other Killers aren’t able to communicate with the spirit world.

How to stun the Killer with the Decisive Strike perk

This Decisive Strike Perk one of the most powerful Survivor capabilities. If the Survivor is either hooked or not hooked by it is activated. Strike perk will activate, and if they’re taken by the Killer during the activation time (which is between 40 and 60 seconds based on the perk’s level) the Survivor can escape the grip of the Killer when they have completed their Skill Check (a rapid-time event). It also stuns the Killer for 5 seconds. If you are able to complete this Skill Check and pass it or not it will be a decisive Strike feature will then be removed immediately following. If you do happen to knock down the Killer and you are the victim, you’ll be the killer’s obsessive.

How to stun the Killer using the

head On perk

The Head On perk allows Survivors to knock down the killer for a maximum of 3 minutes. The effect is activated when the participant is in the locker. When the perk is activated in the event that the Survivor makes use of an “rushed action,” which is basically speeding up the exit of a locker and the Killer is within the vicinity and within the vicinity, the Killer is stunned. It also grants the Survivor the status of exhausted when they successfully perform an action successfully.

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How to stun the Killer with the Power Struggle perk

Power Struggle Power Struggle is one of the less frequently used perks, however it’s still a great supplement to certain builds. It’s a great perk to have. Power Struggle perk is activated when the Killer is carrying the Survivor and the wiggle progress increases to 35 percent (ranges between 35 and 25% based on the level of perk). If Power Struggle is activated, the Survivor could trigger a nearby pallet that can knock out the Killer. This will enable them to escape, however they’ll be in the injured status.

How to stun the Killer with the Any Means Necessary perk

Any Means Necessary perk

Any Means Necessary is a teachesable perk of Yui that you can unlock in the Bloodweb. It lets you reset a pallet that has been dropped by pressing the button for interaction. The pallet will be repositioned in its original position, which lets you play with an Killer and cause them to run towards the pallet. Then, you’ll be able to stun them just as it would be with every other pallet that you can.

How to stun the Killer with the Flip-Flop perk

The Flip-Flop perk can be an instructable perk that can be used to unlock Ash which is unlocked within the Bloodweb and can be extremely useful to stun Killers when stuck in a jam. The perk transforms 50 percent of your recovery bar out of the Dying state to a wiggle after being it is picked up from the Killer. This means you’ll be able to recuperate until you’re taken and then take a lot shorter time to break away from the arms of the Killer. This frightens your Killer while giving you the chance to escape even though you were the fact that you were stumbling around on death’s doorstep just a few seconds ago.

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