Are the Cycle Frontier servers down? How to check the server status

Check Status: The developer Yager has informed players they are experiencing issues with the server within The Cycle: Frontier. The issue could result in new players not being able to get their account numbers correctly and may hinder progress. The game’s developer is working to find a solution and will update players when the situation alters. This is just one day prior to the start of the game’s inaugural season, and it’s possible that the fix is part of an update prior to the start of the season on tomorrow.

Like every other online multiplayer game The Cycle: Frontier experiences periodic downtimes in which players are unable to connect to the servers of the game. The majority of these downtimes are planned and announced in advance, however, there may be unexpected interruptions.

If you’re experiencing difficulty getting access to The Cycle: Frontier, you may want to look into the status of the game’s servers for confirmation if your problem is yours or on The Cycle’s. It’s just as simple as clicking one link.

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Where to check the server status of The Cycle: Frontier

To determine whether The Cycle: Frontier is currently down, go on over The server status page with the most up-to-date information regarding the status of the game’s servers. Although it is your best option for finding out the cause of an downtime, the reason for the outage and the expected timeframe of the downtime are not stated on the page. To gain a better understanding of the reasons Cycle: Frontier is currently inaccessible and when it will be back online it is recommended to join The Official Discord. Updates are made available regularly.

In the period of closed beta the Cycle Frontier was occasionally down to upgrade and maintain the servers. If The game goes live it will be much less frequent. If you’re experiencing issues getting connected to The Cycle: Frontier at any time your server’s status page is your first port of call.

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