How to heal through health states in Dead by Daylight

The survivors have the worst luck when they are Dead by Daylight. They are hunted by a brutal Killer each Trial and the majority of them are executed by the all-powerful Dark Force known as The Entity. But, survivors can aid one another when the odds are against them. This guide explains how to heal through health states and recover some of the gains made by the Killer.

How to heal through health states in Dead by Daylight

How to heal survivors

The process of healing in Dead by Daylight is pretty easy. If a person is assaulted with the Killer or trapped in traps the health of their victim will be affected and they’ll fall to the injured state. Certain survivors have advantages which will automatically heal them after a set period of time, however most do not. If you notice an Survivor walking around, or crawling on the floor in a Dying state, it’s a sign they are in need of to heal. Go over and press the action button to offer them medical care. As soon as the bar has filled up and the Survivor is restored to a single health states.

Health states explained

The Survivors are in various states of health that are Dead by Daylight. If you’re ever required to finish a task which calls for healing Survivors for a particular amount of health conditions This means that you have to help them recover and restore their bodies to a higher level that is different from the state you found they were in. For instance when they’re squatting on the floor, and you treat them to the Injured condition, and they’re limping , that is healing for one health condition. Each health condition and what it means to survivors is explained in the table below.

  • Healthy is the health state of that all survivors go through a trial in which there is nothing abnormal with them.
  • Injury: The survivors are limping about, but are capable of moving, even however, they’re slower.
  • A Deep Wound: The survivors are bleeding heavily and are accompanied by a clock that will count down until they are collapsed.
  • Dying Survivors are crawling around and may be taken by the Killer and hanging.

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Killers may use advantages to assist them in putting survivors in The Deep Wound state after one or two hits, however this isn’t a typical event. Usually, Survivors take two hits before they fall into The Dying state. However, certain Benefits of Survivors can assist them in recovering from injury once per Trial , if they are able to are able to escape the Killer in a short time.

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