How to Skin Animals in Weird West

Here’s how skinning is done within Weird West. (Skin Animals in Weird West)

Tannering and sinning animal skins and hides is a practice that goes back to the beginning of time. In the game of western fantasy, dark and dark, called Weird West, players will be prone to shooting everything that crosses their way. Naturally, this isn’t just hunting animals. It’s rough out with the Wild West, and food as well as hides of animals are in high demand.

Within Weird West, there are various animals which you can skin, including bison, bears, deer and snakes. If you’ve got the proper equipment and the right equipment, you are able to skin these animals for hides, skins, and pelts. These you can use to make or improve vests to provide better defense and resistance. Below, we’ll provide an overview on how you can skin your animals as well as the process of skinning in the Weird West.

How to Skin Animals in Weird West

Here’s how to apply skin to the animals of Weird West:

  1. Purchase a toolbag for skinning from an artisan.
  2. Find and kill anything with skinnable hides.
  3. Make sure you press and hold “E” to skin the animal.

Before you start considering animal skinning, you’ll require the proper tools. We’ve got a guide on how to buy this Skinning Toolbag, so go through it if you require help. It will cost you approximately $80. Once you’ve got the proper equipment, you’re able to hunt for a while.

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Then all you have to do is head out and hunt for some animals. There’s plenty of wildlife that roam the wilderness which means you shouldn’t face difficulty finding anything that’s skinnable. If you come across the right animal to skin get rid of it and hold the button for looting (the “E” key by default). It is recommended to look over the choices of skinning your animal.

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It is possible to take the hides and skins of your animals to the tanning booth inside Crackle’s Dagger & Bones Trading Company shop in Crackle. Visit this tanning area and make use of the same hides from animals to create or improve your Vest. Vests are your character’s armor they offer protection and resistance to the elements. If such a vest, as an animal-skin vest then you’ll require bear pelts to improve it . You can get them at the tanning rack.

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