How to earn money in the Weird West

Weird West is an immersive simulation and a one of the subgenres is managing not only the weapons and ammunition as well as money. Gold is plentiful in the west and you’ll need to learn how to get the most value from your finds. The best equipment doesn’t come at a bargain price. (earn money in the Weird West)

In the first place, you’ll earn money by finishing missions as well as taking bounties and bounties, so make certain to keep track of the bounties. Always be scavenging every body you come across within the Weird West, and you’ll frequently find gold in the pockets of deceased. Also, the world’s filled with a variety of pick-me-ups, which include gold coins. They are found on tables and within containers. More on that in a minute. Make sure you pick up all the items you come across.

This includes junk products too as they are sold in general stores. Weapons are also able to be recycled or sold too. However, you’re limited in the space of your inventory. The fact that you have the horse will increase the amount of inventory available, since you can keep things in the saddle bags of your horse However, there’s an amount of space. You can always sell and buy and you’ll have your purse full.

You must also consider The Scrounger as well as Haggler advantages – the two of the ones to purchase first. They are both related and the first one will allow you to discover more gold in the containers you search for and the latter reduces the cost of shopping. Together, they allow the gold to come into the market, while reducing the amount that is taken out. Additionally these Quick Stealth as well as Lockpick benefits could prove useful if you’re not afraid of breaking some rules. Cash registers will always have gold, but you’ll have to sneak up on them and open them , without causing an incident.

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