How To Upgrade the Armor In Weird West

The upgrade system for armor within Weird West is complex and isn’t explained in any time. Therefore, we’re here to help simplify it so that you can understand what, when and where to upgrade your armor.

The harsh the world that is Weird West can be made more manageable by wearing the appropriate armor, and in the debut of WolfEye Studio boils down to the jacket that you put on. But changing the vest you wear is more difficult than it seems at firstglance, as there are a variety of types of crafting materials required to make particular vests, each with specific stats and benefits. Weird West is left to you to work out how to get the process However, we’re here assist you. This is everything you need to learn about improving to a more robust armor set within Weird West.

Weird West – How To Upgrade the Armor In Weird West

Your first vest will be available during the game’s first period, which is an instructional video for the game’s intricate system. It’s great to possess, but eventually you’ll wish to upgrade your vest so that you have better stats and certain perks that come with more expensive vests. Similar to the upgrade of guns vests are divided into tiers that are that are identified through the amount of stars that each vest is equipped with. However, vests have an added feature: They are constructed from skins from four different animals in the wild. This means you can choose from 20 different vests to choose from in the game but stats and passive benefits like fire and lightning resistances appear to be a bit random which gives you more options.

Below are the various vests and the requirements they need to be upgraded for:

  • The One Star vest is made of two similar animal skins (deer bison, bear or snake)
  • Two-star vest: One star vest plus three skins that resemble animal skins (deer bison, bear or snake)
  • Three-star vest: Two-star vest + four like animal skins (deer, bear, bison, or snake)
  • Four-star vest: Three stars plus four animal skins that are of high-quality (deer bear, deer bison, or deer)
  • Five-star vest The vest is four-star animal and comes with five similar animal skins that are of excellent quality(deer bear, deer bison, snake or deer)

We aren’t certain if better skins drop randomly by animals or only dropped with certain tools or weapons or destroyed in a manner that is clean, such as headshots. We’ll determine the most effective method following a little more research. In any case you can avoid this confusion by purchasing skins, including top-quality skins, from Dagger & Bones Trading Company. Dagger & Bones Trading Company inside Grackle. The shopkeeper’s office has an area for tanning, which is which is used to make vests, and inventory in the shop where you can purchase the skins, commonly referred to as “leathers” in stores.

If you prefer to go hunting for your food make sure you visit Dagger & Bones anyway, because you’ll require the the toolbag to knead to get the skins of animals hunted. Without it, you’ll just take their flesh to cook by campfires. It’s also beneficial but if you’re trying to upgrade you armor the skins that you’ll require, either from the wilderness or at the shops.

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