How to hide within 10 meters of the Killer while injured in Dead by Daylight

There are some seriously challenging tasks to be completed during Dead by Daylight. The game is already scary, particularly in the dark however these challenges take it beyond it and into a completely new dimension. This guide will help you to hide within 10m / 10 metres of the Killer when wounded, to prove to your friends how strong you really are.

How to hide within 10m of the Killer

10 meters isn’t a lot even in a situation where the only other player present is Killer or a person who wants to take you down. Finding a way to hide from the Killer isn’t easy since they’re always looking for an Survivor. While it’s an option to cover yourself behind rocks or other landscapes to get closer to the Killer, we concluded that the most effective strategy was to hide in an locker.

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Find a spot on the map in which the Killer is frequenting, go in it, and then take refuge in the locker. The only thing you have to do is be patient and wait to watch for the Killer to come by a couple of times, and you’ll be hidden within 10 metres of the Killer.

To complete a test that requires you to hide within 10 metres of the Killer when being injured, you have to be injured first. It shouldn’t be a problem since the Killer will always attack anyone Survivor that comes across their path. If you’re injured, go to the locker you mentioned and rest until the game is over. If you notice that the Killer doesn’t seem to be moving often, you should try to locate the place where they’re moving.

Alternative method

We discovered that you can be able to complete the task by hiding in the rocks or in the surroundings after the trial. You must wait until the remaining Survivors to pass through the gate, and then look for the place where the Killer is. Most often, they’ll attempt to cover themselves near the gate. You can make the most out of it by creating a secluded area near the gate, accumulating hours spent in close proximity to the Killer in case of injury and you’ll be able to be able to complete the challenge. The only problem with this strategy is that you might become caught in the rush toward the gate.

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