The Best Dead by Daylight Killer perks

The role of The Killer in Dead By Daylight is surprisingly challenging at times (perks). The Killer is expected to control what happens in the game, and take on players with an overwhelming force, however, an organized team of players can change the game totally. Being looped through endlessly, and then gen-rushed to losing quickly can be an excruciating experience.

To give you the advantage in the market in the field of Killer this article will outline the top Killer Perks to play with to win in Dead by Daylight right now in order of strength to the weakest. Note that just putting up on your board with the Perks isn’t going to win you the games. You also have to be able to modify your game to make the most of them.

Best Dead by Daylight Killer perks

1) BBQ & Chilli

“After hooking the Survivor and hooking another Survivor, all of the other survivors’ Auras are revealed to you for a period of 4 seconds after they are more than 40m away from the Hook. 

It’s a wonderful perk to teach from the Cannibal that lets you stay in the game after an attack, and immediately find your next victim. Depending on the number of Survivors you see You also have a clear idea about how many are standing to and possibly angling to save. This Perk also has an additional advantage: ” Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a 25% stackable bonus to all Bloodpoint gains, up to a maximum of 50/75/100%.” Cannibal is regularly one of the highest win-rate players of Dead by Daylight, but this perk could be beneficial for every Killer.

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2) Forced Penance

“Survivors who take a Protection Hit suffer from the Broken status effect for the next 60/70/80seconds. 

When Dead by Daylight aged, its competitive meta strayed from its original concept of an incredibly scary game of cat and mouse in which four mice run about scared trying to escape or beat a massive cat that is unkillable. Today mice can run straight at you, body-block your movements, entice you to kill time, and then move around in circles If you’re not cautious. That’s where counter-perks like Forced Penance can help. The Executioner Perk that can be taught is one of the most effective killer Perks found in Dead by Daylight because it penalizes survivors for being aggressive, causing permanent consequences for their arrogance.

3) Hex: Ruin

“Whenever a Generator isn’t repairable by the Survivor it will instantly and automatically reverse its repair progress to 100/150/200% of normal speed of regression. 

This is a teachable Hag Perk makes the game very difficult for Survivors. Despite the modifications it went through during its history of balancing the Hex Ruin continues to be one of top Killer Perks to play in Dead by Daylight.

4) Hex: Undying

“Survivors’ Auras are revealed for 4/5/6 seconds when they’re within 2 meters from any Totem. If Hex Undying is in effect and another Hex Totem is cleaned, the Hex can be transferred onto an empty Totem for as long as there is one. The tokens accumulated that are on Hex Perks are reset with the transfer. 

This instructable Blight Perk provides the Killer great map control and actively penalizes survivors for trying to modify Your Totems.

5) Corrupt Intervention

“3 Generators situated farthest from you are blocked for 80/100/120 second at the beginning in the Trial. They are not able to repair the Generators during the time that Corrupt Intervention is in effect. 

This can be taught Plague Perk isn’t so flashy or interactive like others Killer Perks, but it is a fantastic way of slowing down Survivors and making the beginning of the game more enjoyable for players to play. A strong early game is usually the key to a win.

6) Pop Goes the Weasel

“After hooking up a Survivor The next Generator that you break immediately regresses by 25% of its total advancement. Normal Generator Regression occurs when the damage has been done. Pop Goes the Weasel is activated for 40/50/60 seconds following the Survivor is connected. 

A simple, but incredibly powerful Perk that is that is taught from The Clown. Pop Goes the Weasel increases your advantages as an effective Killer and lets you gain control over the game swiftly.

7) Beast of Prey

“Grants the status effect of Undetectable upon gaining Bloodlust 1. The effect will disappear when you have lost Bloodlust. You can earn 30-40% more Bloodpoints when you perform actions within the Hunter category. 

This is a teachable Huntress Perk is great for two reasons. It lets you collect more Bloodpoints in your games which is always a good factor. More importantly it will help you get rid of slippery Survivors, because it makes mind-games more difficult for them.

8) Tinkerer

“When the Generator is repaired to 70%, you get a loud noise alert and are granted the undetectable Status Effect during 12/14/16 secs. 

This instructable Hillbilly Perk lets you prevent survivors from finishing the generators. It can allow you to return to the game after having been unable to catch up as an Killer.

9) Infectious Fright

“Any survivors trapped in the Killer’s Radius after another Survivor is placed in the Dying State with a Basic Attack, will shout and reveal their whereabouts in front of Killer for 4/5/6 seconds. Killer in 4/5/6 secs. 

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This is a teachesable plague Perk. Aside from being funny, Infectious Fear is one of the most effective Dead by Daylight Killer Perks to maintain pressure and punish survivors for cooperating.

10) Discordance

“Any time that two or more survivors are working with the same Generator the Generator’s Aura is highlighted in yellow for 8/10/12 second. 

This is a teachable Legion Perk also punishes Survivors for working in a team, and lets you shut down their gen repair gatherings effortlessly.

11) A Nurse’s Calling

“The Auras of Survivors who are healing or healing can be seen in the event that they fall within a distance of 20/24/28 meters. 

This is a teacher-friendly Nurse Perk, evidently. Another great Aura-reading Perk, a Nurse’s Calling can help you identify those who are weakest. It compounds any advantages you already have and is especially useful for those who love to be sluggers.

12) Distressing

“Your terror Radius is extended by 22/24/26 percentage. Get 100 percent more Bloodpoints Bloodpoints to perform actions within the”Deviousness” Category. 

The generally Dead by Daylight Killer Perk isn’t suitable for all players. This is because an increased Terror Radius gives away your presence earlier, and does not work with certain playstyles. However, stress can enhance the efficacy of Perks such as the Infectious Fright or Unnerving Presence plus the additional Bloodpoint gain is a great thing to be able to.

13) Hex: Pentimento

“You can sense the auras of Totems that have been cleansed and perform an ritual on an unclean Totem to revive it into Rekindled Totem. Once an Rekindled Totem is cleaned, its remains are consumed by the Entity and can’t ever be rekindled.For every Rekindled Totem in active simultaneously, the Hex Pentimento has an additional benefit:

  • 1. Totem Lowers the repair speed for all survivors by 20/25/30 percent.
  • Two Totems Reduces the speed of healing for all survivors by 20/25/30 percent.
  • 3 Totems Limits the speed of recovery for all survivors by 20/25/30 percent.
  • Four Totems Reduces the Exit Gate Opening speed by 20/25/30%.
  • Five Totems Totems that are blocked permanently.

This is a teachable Artist Perk ranks in the middle of the list because of the sheer volume of it. While it is true that Hex Pentimento may have an enormous impact on the game it will require cooperation from Survivors for it to work. Certain Survivors do not even engage with Totems that’s why they will not give you the chance to Rekindle them or gain advantages of The Perk.

In the event that you are lucky and you are lucky enough and Survivors clean a few of your Totems They could simply eliminate them when you Rekindle them. It is important to secure the Rekindled Totems after you acquire them because they represent an investment, which can increase the strength of the Survivors weaker as the battle gets more intense.

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