How to get Hawkins’ Wrath in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Are you looking to finish the wyvern motif of the Clawbringer? The Hawkins’ Wrath shotgun might be right ideal for you. The Torgue weapon releases Wyverns that explode upon the impact or adhere to the targets. If you select the sticky mode of these weapons, the wyverns explode after you reload the weapon and then travel around the target before diving bombing them to cause more damage. Here is how you can get Hawkins’ Wrath in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

About Hawkins’ Wrath

The famous shotgun is extremely difficult to locate since it’s not a weapon that can be dropped worldwide. This means that it will only be dropped in a particular location. The location is known as called the Chaos Chamber. To get to this Chaos Chamber, you will be required to complete all of the Wonderlands campaign. Once you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll be granted access to the Chaos Chamber inside Queen Butt Stallion’s castle in Brighthoof. However, there isn’t any particular area in which this weapon is available for drop within the Chaos Chamber. This is why you’ll want to hunt to find the bunny statues at the close each run.

Every time you go through each time you complete the Chaos Chamber, you will be taken to a room that is filled with rabbit statues. They will drop the item kind that is indicated by the symbol on their heads. To collect these statues, you must increase your Chaos Level as well as increase Your Loot Luck. To increase your luck you will need to find Lucky Dice around the world and then complete this Aaron G. Shrine. Aaron G. To increase Your Chaos Level, you’ll have to complete Chaos Trials in the chamber.

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get Hawkins' Wrath in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

When you’re satisfied at the Chaos Level and Loot Luck It is recommended to run longer within the Chaos Chamber. The runs will give more crystals, which you can use for the statues of rabbits that are at the finish. To increase the amount of crystals you collect select crystal chest that open after every encounter and collect curses from the Dragon Lord and finish the additional goals. Continue to farm the statue of the shotgun rabbit at the end until you get the weapon.

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