How do you get Marshmallow legendary spell in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Take a seat near the fire and cook marshmallows. You may be able to get some health back. The Marshmallow spell lets you shoot out a burning marshmallow, which explodes when struck leaving behind toasty marshmallow. This melts down into multiple marshmallows that adorn the battlefield, and serve as health pick-ups. It is easy to collect these marshmallows when you pass them, and they’ll keep you healthy and fit. Here’s how you can gain the Marshmallow Legendary spell within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Get Marshmallow legendary spell in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

However you won’t be able to experience this legendary spell until you’ve completed the entire campaign. After you’ve completed the quest, you’ll be granted access to Chaos Chamber. Chaos Chamber Chaos Chamber is a randomized Dungeon that is accessible via the Queen Butt Stallion’s castle. The Marshmallow spell is available from almost anything within in the Chaos Chamber. It can be dropped from minibosses, bosses, chests, and regular enemies. However, there is the possibility of increasing your chance of receiving this ability.

Marshmallow legendary spell in tiny tina wonderland

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To obtain for the Chaos Chamber for this spell it is recommended to start by raising the Chaos level. The higher your Chaos Level, the greater chances that you’ll receive a legendary item to drop. When you reach an Chaos Level you feel comfortable with, you can begin running for longer periods. This will allow you to face an increase in enemies to fight and will give you more crystals that you can spend on loot after the completion the run. In the end, you’ll need to boost your Loot Luck rating to increase the chances of obtaining legendary items, even more. The most effective method to farm items in the Chaos Chamber is by spending your crystals on the spells rabbit statue at the end of your runs. This can greatly increase the chance of you obtaining an exact spell.

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