How to get Snake Stick legendary scythe in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

If you’d like to have a group of friends who bow to every request, you might consider purchasing an item called the Snake Stick. The scythe’s powerful power summons an hydra friend each when you strike an opponent with a melee strike. The hydras run for six seconds, and they shoot at enemies in the vicinity. Combining this power with other accessories that boost your companion’s damage, and you’ll soon have a force that will destroy enemies. It is the way you acquire an item called the Snake Stick legendary scythe in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Snake Stick legendary scythe

The weapon, along with most of the other items that are legendary in the Wonderlands is believed to be an item that is a world drop. World drop items can drop from any noteworthy loot source within the game. The most notable sources of loot are such as minibosses, bosses, chests Lucky Dice, and everything else that could drop loot during the game. This makes finding this weapon quite difficult. There is, however, an option to find out what other items might be found.

Snake Stick legendary scythe

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Before you begin searching for items that are legendary it is important to boost your luck in looting. To boost this number you must discover those Luck Dice scattered around the various maps that comprise the Wonderlands. Additionally, you can increase the Loot Luck of your friends by visiting your journey to the shrine of Aaron G. When you’re satisfied and satisfied with the Loot Luck score it is time to access to the Chaos Chamber. The Chaos Chamber is unlocked after you complete the game. If you are farming for items in the Chaos Chamber, you want to begin by performing it over a longer period of time. This will let you accumulate more crystals on your run than other methods. After you have collected the crystals, you can spend them on the weapon of melee Rabbit statue at the finish the run. This gives you the best chances of getting your Snake Stick.

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