What is the process of cooking in Weird West – Cooking guide

Like many modern RPGs Weird West lets characters become elite chefs thanks to its unique cooking system. Cooking is a little simpler than the majority of games, but it’s essential to understand which food items provide the most advantages to your character. Find out where you can find food and the ways cooking can help you become invincible.

What are the essential ingredients you’ll need to prepare?

First of all, they can cook with just of the food items. They can be anything from corn shucks to eggs, to a variety of meats. The easiest method to acquire the items is to visit the city’s General Store. They’ll cost anything from $4-$15, however the stores will carry an extremely limited stock of every item. If you’re not able to pay cashto buy the items, they can be found near campfires or through the scavenging of animals and enemies.

How to cook food and what it offers you

The majority of the food items you come across can be cooked over campfires. There’s usually at least one campfire within of the territory of the enemy however the most suitable place to cook without risk is away from campfires. It is possible to create one by visiting the World Map and clicking on one of the areas that are empty within it. Once you have a camp set up you can cook your food on the fire to immediately provide an additional level of HP. However you’ll be unable to add these items in your inventory in the future.

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It is crucial to remember that the amount of HP you will receive will depend on the items you cook with. Most commonly, cooked vegetables provide between 5 and 10 HP, while the meats like roasted chicken, steak, or even a roasted ham are able to provide 20-50 HP. Every recipe requires only one ingredient, meaning you’ll likely never run out of food ingredients.

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