How to increase FPS in Lost Ark

Lost Ark players are looking for ways to increase the FPS

Lost Ark is a game that offers a variety of methods to improve performance and boost FPS.

FPS is a crucial aspect of gaming, particularly an MMORPG, where players need the ability to connect to an online server which is located far away and at the same time many others are connecting or looking to join.

There are a variety of reasons that your gameplay may be slow or you could be losing frames when playing. However, tweaking a few of the game settings can improve the speed of your game and make your game more enjoyable.

How to Increase Lost Ark FPS

The settings menu is accessable using the ESC button as well as by pressing the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the chatbox (Image via Smilegate)

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In the first place, you must ensure that your computer is up to the standard required for playing Lost Ark. If it does, and you’re still experiencing FPS problems, changing the settings is next.

Each games has their own way to Increase FPS, but certain techniques being used across all games. These are official performance-enhancement suggestions from the developers of Smilegate:

  • Try switching from a windowed or borderless windows to full screen or in reverse. In some instances it may boost the speed at which you play.
  • Shut down any unnecessary programs while playing, since they could affect your computer’s performance. They include background programs, browsers for the web, that are running in the tray of your system, etc.
  • Check to make sure that your PC does not download Windows updates, games or other games. Writing tasks to your drive could dramatically slow down your computer’s performance.

These are simple solutions that will aid at least a bit. The most precise fixes are found in The Lost Ark in-game Settings. Press the ESC key to access the Game Menu and navigate to the Settings option.

How to Increase FPS in lost ark

Choose Video to the left to make sure your resolution is in line with that of the monitor on your PC. You can then switch between different screens like full screen, windowed, or borderless. Check them out to determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

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Then, you can go to next, go to the Screen Effects Settings area. You can modify each by itself or set the all setting to low. This will change all settings in that list to low. By turning off Better Field of Depth and Indirect Shadows can also help.

If you find that your Lost Ark FPS has been greatly improved because of this it is possible to slowly begin to adjust the settings. When you start to observe FPS issues, lower to the sweet spot.

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