How Heroes Work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features or work the main cast of characters but you will not be restricted to these six fighters. Heroes are individuals who can join your party and fight alongside you. They can be a great addition to your combat team, and you will reap the rewards of working with them.

Although working with Heroes can be difficult to grasp, it is essential that you understand how they work so that you can use them in combat as well as their classes. They will be explained to you in Chapter 3. This chapter is when you help Colony 4.

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When you are working on Hero Quests, or because of story circumstances, heroes will join your party. They can be temporary members of your party, serving as seventh member. A Hero often comes with a class you haven’t yet encountered.

Heroes may work alongside you in Hero Quests, but you can only officially “recruit them” once they have completed their Hero Quests. They will join your party and can be added to the combat roster.

While you can only work with one Hero, you can bring them into your group regardless of where you are. Select them from your Heroes tab. The A button will allow you to choose the Hero that interests you. To remove a Hero from your group, press the Right joystick.

Hero classes cannot be changed or modified (ex. You can’t change their Gemstones, but heroes can still be strong allies on the battlefield and make a difference. A party member can also inherit their Hero Quest, which allows them to share their class with their team members as they use the new class. You will be able to choose from more classes as you complete Hero quests.

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You now know the basics of Heroes and can put them in your party.

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