How to liberate colonies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You will encounter the Consul quite a lot in Xenoblade Chronicles 3! They control the colonies by using the Flame Clock. You will realize how evil the Consul is once you get past chapter 2. It is not your responsibility to free the colonies. You will receive affinity bonuses and strengthen your relationship with the citizens by doing so.

Liberating colonies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The Consul is responsible for the management of all Colonies 3 in Xenoblade Colonies 3. This means that people can’t act as they wish. This is evident from the beginning of the story. You will be able to liberate more colonies as you play the game.

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You can liberate a colony by simply destroying its Flame Clock. After defeating the Consul, this is automatically done. These battles can be very difficult and may take some time to win. However, the colony and its inhabitants will be freed if they do so. Some colonies may not be freed during the story. To liberate some colonies, you will need to complete side quests.

Advantage of liberating colonies

You and your allies can open the world to you by liberating a colony. This will allow you to access new quests, new ways to earn experience, as well as new classes. Once you liberate a colony, make sure to search the area for NPCs that may have useful information for your team. This will allow you to access the new quests. You can return to the liberated colonies as you progress through the game to find out more.

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