How to unlock additional classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are plenty of additional classes you could eventually gain access to through Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In all of the classes available, you begin with access to just the three classes. Once chapter one has ended you can access the remaining three classes which make up your team of fighters. There are still 16 classes to be found around the world and unlock. It could take a time. Luckily, all classes can be unlocked the same manner; heroes.

How do I unlock additional classes?

Each of the classes you unlock over this game are tied to the characters whom you’ll encounter. In the duration of the game you’ll discover what’s called Hero Quests. These quests introduce you to new characters that you could join as you travel to assist you during battle.

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After you’ve completed an Hero Quest, the NPC who you assist will give any of six characters access to their class. The person who is granted access to the class will be referred to as the inheritor. Once you have access to a class that you want to join, enter the character menu and choose the option for class to equip the person who inherits the class. For example the Ethel’s Flash Fencer class will be taken over by Noah. That means only Noah has access to the class from the moment it is created.

If you’re using a brand new class, look through the character menu to see other characters in your group. In the section for classes you will see the silhouette of the heroes gradually filling in. When the silhouette is fully filled in, the character will be able to access the class, too. The game recommends making the same class available to different characters to ensure everyone else gets used to the class faster. Be aware that while you can gain access to a handful of classes by finishing the story, you’ll have to find some Hero Quests that can be found in the world to unlock every single one of them.

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