How to complete Elden Ring Thops Quest

I have always believed that schools are terrible places where terrible things happen. Anyone who sets foot in one, not only willingly but also happily, should be touched in the head. This is doubly true for schools in the Lands Between of Elden Ring. These schools are filled with literal monsters, psychopaths, and sociopaths. Schools have their supporters, but schools aren’t without their fans. If a fan wishes to return to school, then who are you to stop? This guide will help Thops to complete his quest in Elden Ring.

You’ll pass the Church of Irith soon after defeating Godrick the Grafted. Thops, a scholar living within the church’s crumbled walls, will sell you some modest Sorceries in exchange for a small donation. Thops was once a student of the illustrious Academy of Raya Lucaria. However, when the huge war over the Elden Ring, or the Shattering, occurred, the Academy set up protective wards to ensure that they remained neutral. Thops was on an errand at the time that the wards were put up and is now locked out.

Elden Ring Thops Quest Guide

Here’s how you can complete the Elden Ring Thops Quest.

  1. Talk to Thops at the Church of Irith
  2. Enter the Academy of Raya Lucaria by locating a Glintstone Key
  3. Thops will be grateful if you find the spare Glintstone Key under the Church of the Cuckoo’s chandelier and take it to Thops
  4. Return to the Academy and find Thops to claim your reward

Glintstone keys are the only way to enter the Academy’s wards. To enter the Academy, you will need a Glintstone Key. Thops won’t give you the primary key because he knows that you need it. You’ll have to give him a spare key, so he can go into the Academy at his own pace.

You can find the spare Glintstone Key inside the Academy. The closest Site of Grace is the one that was left behind in the Debate room after defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon. You’ll find rubble that allows you to climb higher when you enter the outdoor courtyard beyond the Debate Room. To the northwest, hop the railing and land on a staircase. Then follow it to a ledge with views of some rooftops. Follow the path that they make by jumping down onto the rooftops. Although it’s quite straight-forward, there are Sorcerers and Marionettes to be cautious of. If you are able to, use a ranged weapon.

You’ll eventually come to a ledge that has some windows. You’ll eventually find yourself on the rafters of the Church of the Cuckoo. This is an area of the Academy that you have already visited. You’ll find a corpse on one of the chandeliers. Just drop down to claim your spare Glintstone key.

Return to Thops at Church of Irith, and give him the spare Glintstone Key. He will be thrilled to see you return to his favorite place of learning, not knowing that its denizens are gone mad.

Quick travel to the Schoolshouse Classroom Site Of Grace in the Academy. You will find Thops, dead, at his desk in the corner. It’s tragic, but it’s your loss! You can search his remains and get an Academy Glintstone staff, Thops’s Barrier sorcery and a bell bearing that you can take to the Twin Maiden Husks of Roundtable Hold. The Bell Bearing will let you access Thops’ shop if you haven’t bought all his sorceries by the time he died.

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