How to Fix: Elden Ring Controller Is not Working on PC

Here are a few suggestions you could try if your controller is not working properly with Elden Ring on PC

Elden Ring is now officially out and the game swiftly moved up the Steam charts shortly after its launch. As we’ve come know by now There are some issues that need to be worked out but one issue is specific to the use of the controller. A handful of PC players are experiencing issues with their controllers working within Elden Ring on Steam, however, there are some solutions that generally resolve the issue.

How do I Repair Elden Ring Controller Not Working on a PC

There are two major reasons why the controller might not be compatible with Elden Ring on your PC:

1). Xbox Controller Configuration is not disabled on Steam

Start by opening Steam and connect the controller to your PC. If you are using a standard wired controller, connect it into a functioning USB port. Bluetooth controllers will require to connect their device to the receiver or dongle. After you have launched Steam and clicking View from the menu on the top and then select the Big Picture Mode.

How to Fix if Elden Ring Controller Is not Working on PC

It is the Big Picture Mode version of Steam will start on your PC. In Big Picture Mode, tap the cog icon in the right-hand side to open the settings. In the Settings menu, choose Controller Settings. Check the box that states Xbox Configuration Support is selected.

It is also possible to find your controller listed in the list of controllers detected. Below the screen, you will see the Controller Settings screen. If yes, it means you’re now able to utilize your controller to play online games through Steam! It is possible that you will have to restart Steam as well as your PC once you have enabled this option.

2). Control settings are wrong for Elden Ring

Another option is to change the settings for your controller specific to Elden Ring. For this to be done, open Steam and then go in your Library. Click on the right-click icon for Elden Ring and then select properties. Select Controller tab then , from the dropdown menu Under Override to Elden Ring, select to enable Steam input..

How to Fix if Elden Ring Controller Is not Working on PC

Your controller should be listed in your list under Steam Input status. After you’ve got it set you’ll need to restart Steam and then restart Elden Ring. The controller should function in a proper manner.

If neither of the two solutions work for you, then the best alternative is to attempt to connect your controller to an alternative port. You’ll need to ensure that your controller is working in other games. If it’s true and your controller doesn’t work specifically for Elden Ring specifically, there could be a problem that must be addressed.

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