Elden Ring: How to Use Spells in the Elden Ring

Souls games are typically connected to melee combat. You can watch gameplay videos from Dark Souls, for instance and chances are you’ll see players rushing forward, with a sword and shield in their hands. But it’s been a element of these games from the beginning. And while it requires a bit more brainpower than swords however, it’s equally an option. Elden Ring has an entire magical system that is its own. If you’re looking to become a magical character, it’s important to be aware of how to utilize it. This is how you can use spells within Elden Ring.

There are two kinds of magic within Elden Ring There are two kinds of magic: Sorceries and Incantations. The effects of both types of magic are similar. They can be used to create attacks, increase your power and your companions or replenish HP. The main differences between these two types of magic is more mechanical, particularly in the way you use them , and what stats for your character power them.

How to Use Spells in the Elden Ring

Sorceries can be acquired through finding them around the world or buying them from various vendors. They are simple scrolls that have the details of the spell listed on them. If you have a spell visit the Site of Grace and visit the Memorize Spells menu to equip them. You’re only allowed to equip the spells you want to equip as long as you have Memory Slots.

However you can purchase more Memory Slots using Memory Stones. Once the spell is memorized it is then time to equip a staff to make it available to. Any type of staff will do but obviously, some are better than others, and have better damage and efficiency scaling up according to your INT.

Incantations can be used exactly the same way as Sorceries; you just need to locate or purchase them, and then remember them at the Site of Grace. However, Incantations are controlled from your Faith stat rather than your INT. You must have an Sacred Seal equipped to one of your hands to use these. Be aware that unlike Staves the Sacred Seals cannot be upgraded.

If you’ve memorized your spells and the appropriate tool set up with the appropriate tool, you can cast magic on your field using the magic buttons mapped (shoulder buttons for controllers). In the case of a console you can switch between the spells you’ve got by pressing the D-pad.

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