How to make Slow falling Potion in Minecraft

Guide to Make Slow falling Potion in Minecraft..

Gravity is a major pain in the block sometimes, isn’t it? You’re trying to get around and discover a huge wild and beautiful world, when you take a wrong turn and fall to the ground. Who would have the time for that? I don’t, which is why I make heavy utilization of slow falling potions to demonstrate the gravity of what I see in it.

If you’d like to keep your weight on the ground this is how you can create a Slow Falling Potion in Minecraft.

How to make Slow falling Potion in Minecraft

It’s the Potion of Slow Falling is one of the numerous positive recipes you can make by using the Brewing Stand inside Minecraft. After drinking it, you’ll enjoy between one and four minutes of Slow Falling status, which causes you to fall at a slower rate from high points to negate the damage caused by falling. The slow speed at which you fall could also serve as an additional light glide ability in the event of the chance to run off, and it can also help you avoid damaging the crops while running over them.

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For making a Slow Falling potion, you’ll require an Brewing Stand made of an Blaze Rod and three rock blocks as well as Blaze Powder to power the Stand and the Glass Bottle as well as the actual ingredient list for the potion.

For starters, here’s where you can get the basic elements of the Brewing Stand:

  • Blaze Rod dropped by Blazes in Nether Fortresses
  • Any form of block can be used in this case.
  • Blaze Powder: Made from Blaze Rods
  • Glass Bottles You can make one of three blocks of glass (made by the smelting of Sand) or even take them out of the waters.

Make the Rod and the similar rocks to make Brewing Stand:

How to make Slow falling Potion in Minecraft

After your brewing process is under way and you’re ready to gather all the ingredients required for the drink. You’ll require an amount of Nether Wart to make the base of the potion, and then Phantom Membrane, which gives the drink its slow-falling qualities.

  • Nether Wart: A dark red fungus that develops out of the ground close to Nether Fortresses, usually in patches of Soul Sand
  • Phantom Membrane: Skin dropped by the Phantom, a particular kind of mob hostile which only appears after you’ve not slept or died for 3 days. They’ll come in and strike you in the late at night, but they will drop a Phantom Membrane when killed.

After you’ve got all the ingredients, you’re ready to put them all together. Connect to the Brewing Stand to display your Brewing Menu. Place the Blaze Powder into the upper left slot to begin the Stand. Next, insert an empty glass bottle in one of three slots for bottles. Put in the Nether Wart into the ingredient slot in the middle while letting the stand take over.

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Once a certain amount of time has passed the result will be the Awkward Potion. Put your Awkward potion inside the bottle, and put your Phantom Membrane into the ingredient slot. Allow it to boil once more and voila! A potion made of Slow Falling, ready to drink.

A typical Slow Falling Potion should give approximately an hour and a quarter of defiance of gravity. However, If you’ve got Redstone Dust, you can place it into the ingredient slot of the Stand and let it cook for a second time to prolong the duration of the effect.

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