How to Teleport in Minecraft

In Minecraft there are two main methods available for teleportation (teleport)

Minecraft worlds, in general, are big. Even with some methods of speedier travel available that you have at your disposal, such as Elytras and horses, it’s too difficult to travel through an Minecraft world with traditional methods. In such a scenario you’ll need to make a ridicule of the rules of physics.

Here’s how you can teleport in Minecraft.

How to Teleport in Minecraft

To be clear that there are two main ways to teleport in Minecraft the other one you can accomplish using the native abilities that are available in the game, and another which requires external modification using console commands. Naturally, the latter is far more efficient and more powerful than the former but we’ll discuss both options in case you’d like to ensure fairness.

How to Teleport in Minecraft

Teleportation In-Game

Unassisted teleportation is made possible by an application of Ender Pearls which are special objects that are occasionally drop by the Endermen. Typically, you’ll combine them with some Blaze Powder to create Eyes of Ender, which are then used in the creation of the End Portal, but you could also use them to perform shorter-range teleportation.

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To teleport using the help of an Ender Pearl simply equip it, and then press the use button and throw it. The player will instantly blink to where the Ender Pearl is thrown, but you’ll take a small amount of fall damage during the process. There are a few guidelines for this technique:

  • You can only move teleport as far as are able to throw your Ender Pearl
  • Ender Pearls that drop into the void won’t transfer you to another place, however Ender Pearls that are thrown into the lava can transfer you to another place.
  • Teleporting using an Ender Pearl will consume it.

It’s not the most efficient method of traveling. The end of Pearl Teleportation is advised for short escapes and emergencies that require short bursts of travel.

Command Teleportation

If you’re not having any concerns about turning on cheats you are able to easily transfer to any location in your Minecraft world, as you’ve got the coordinates. It is possible to enable cheats at the time you create the Minecraft game world or via the settings menu in the game.

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If cheats are enabled, simply hold the T button or the right button on your control pad’s directional button to launch the chat. The code to enter will be “/tp,” followed by the XYZ coordinates. The coordinates will deliver to you a specific number of blocks to the east as well as a set number of blocks to space, as well as a particular number of blocks south in this order.

How to Teleport in Minecraft

It is also possible to switch directions by adding an minus sign before the numbers. For example for example, if you entered “/tp 50 89 74” you’d travel fifty blocks to the west, then 89 blocks north and 74 blocks south. If you’re playing against another player online, then you may decide to directly teleport to them directly. Simply type “/tp” after the name of the player and you’ll appear just beside them.

A thing to be aware of while teleporting is how far you’re from the ground. If you are teleporting yourself too far , you’ll end up inside an obstruction. This can be avoided by using an exclamation point “true” after your teleporting command. If there are solid blocks present in the area that you want to teleport to, then the game will not accept it, and let you correct your coordinates before trying again. When you press the F3 button, you’ll receive an overview of the coordinates surrounding your location, which you can utilize to find the safest place you can jump from.

Teleport is a great option when you’re playing on a game server with a lot of creativity and don’t worry too much about sticking to time limits. Be sure that when you’re playing online, you’re permitted to use it prior to you attempt.

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