How Do You Fix VALORANT Black Screen on Startup? Answered

Are you stuck on a black screen every time you attempt to launch your game? It’s frustrating, but there are some options you can take to resolve the problem. How to Fix VALORANT Black Screen on Startup

We’ve covered all solutions for the VALORANT black screen. Before you throw your computer in the window to vent your frustration, take the time to take a look. You’ll be back and ranked within a matter of minutes.

How to Fix VALORANT Black Screen on Startup

Fix 1. Make sure you update your graphics drivers

9 times out of 10 instances, the reason the screen is black when you try to start VALORANT is because the graphics driver you are using is not up to the date. This is the case when you are able to play the game but it’s not loading into the menu.

Despite certain GPU updates that have nothing to do with have anything to do with VALORANT, not being up-to-date with your drivers can cause many problems.

Also, before doing something rash, you should upgrade your driver for graphics.

If your computer is an Nvidia GPU and you’re using an Nvidia GPU, you must have the required update software installed. Most likely, it’ll include it’s GeForce Experience program. If your card is the AMD card, you’ll require AMD’s equivalent. You’ve probably upgraded your drivers at least once , and you should have your software of choice installed.

Open it, upgrade to the latest driver, and then pray you’ll see that that VALORANT black screen disappears.

Fix 2 – Launch in Windowed Mode

If updating your driver isn’t working, test using VALORANT using a windowed interface. It’s unlikely to be a permanent, long-term solution. But, it could suffice to get you to the main menu and then into your game’s options from there.

If you’re having difficulty launching VALORANT when it’s in windowed mode, just press Alt+Enter while looking at the black screen. If this fixes the issue, you can modify your default mode of launch within the settings of VALORANT.

Fix 3 – Run the Game in Admin Mode

If you are not successful Try right-clicking VALORANT on your desktop and then running the program as an administrator. Most of the time your games will have all the permissions needed to function smoothly. However, occasionally things can get out of the way. The fact that you are running it as an administrator simply means that your computer’s security will not hinder the game’s operation.

Fix 4 – Reinstall VALORANT

If none of these solutions will work, your next option will be to make a fresh installation. Sure, it’s annoying but occasionally, your game’s files get damaged, damaged or are otherwise inaccessible. This could be due to no personal fault however, sometimes you have to start to square one.

You’ll be able to keep your game profile as well as skins, rank and everything else clearly. It’s not a loss for doing this.

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If you make a fresh installation, update to the latest version of your GPU driver, then play the game as an administrator then one of those actions is likely to fix you VALORANT dark screen. If not, then you’re having a bigger issue which isn’t only VALORANT.

Also, let us hope that these strategies work for you to allow you to jump back into action as quickly as you can.

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