How to use the Smudge Stick in Phasmophobia

It is said that the Smudge Stick is an invaluable instrument to be used to combat Phasmophobia. It’s an excellent method to keep ghosts away and can aid in ensuring that you as well as your ghost hunting group aren’t buried in a grave when you investigate an area. It is essential to learn some important facts about how to utilize this Smudge Stick. This guide explains how to utilize the Smudge Sticks to treat Phasmophobia.

How do you think the Smudge Stick works in Phasmophobia

As opposed to other tools available in the game such as the Crucifix it is unlike other tools in the game, such as Crucifix Smudge Stick within Phasmophobia is a tool that can help deter ghosts when they are close to you and getting ready to enter its hunting phase. For you to use this Smudge Stick, you must first light up your lighter and switch on. Then, put on with the Smudge Stick and press the second button to activate the Smudge Stick. It is located located on the mouse’s right side.

It is evident that a Smudge Stick is in use by the smoke that is emanating from the object. The flames slowly devour the Smudge Stick until it becomes an insignificant item to hold within your grasp. It is recommended to make use of it when you see a ghost following you, or when it is about to enter the Hunt state, you may utilize it while it is in. There are many everyday quests in which you have to utilize it within the haunted room that you can spot prior to using the device. After the Smudge Stick is charred then you can throw it into the ground to get rid of it.

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Keep in mind this: the Smudge Stick only helps you for a short time. The effect will only last a short time and you should use it strategically to give yourself a bit of time. Find a secure place to park it.

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