How to choose a contract in Phasmophobia

A number of modifications are now included in the Phasmophobia to prepare for The Apocalypse update. One of the major changes is the revamping of the lobby. Instead of operating out of an old garage Ghost Huntin’ Team operates in a warehouse as well as it’s lobby UI has been changed. Due to a variety of changes, a few minor things is becoming difficult to choose the right contract. This article explains the steps to choose the right contract to go on a ghost hunting in Phasmophobia.

Where to pick a contract in Phasmophobia

If you’re at the lobby menu and trying to play a game, you’ll first have to know the difficulty of your contract. After that, ensure that you have the right equipment and choose which location you’d like to choose to sign your contract. You can select the place for your agreement by pressing on the left-hand right side of your screen you are in the menu for lobby.

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You’ll be taken to a map with each place you go when you click on the left-hand right side of the screen to access the menu for lobby. You are able to choose the location you would like to go and if you’re with others, everyone is able to vote on which location they would like to visit. If you hover over one the locations listed above, you’ll be able to see the list of the rooms are available and the number of floors you’ll have to cover in the course of the duration of your contract.

It is possible to go to various locations depending on your preferred difficulty. For instance, if your team chose the Nightmare or Professional difficulty You may want to explore some or the maps that are smaller like 6, Tanglewood Drive, Bleasdale Farmhouse or 13 Willow Street. If you’re a daring person and daring, don’t forget to test your abilities at some of the more well-known locations such as The Prison and Sunny Meadows.

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