How to Activate Mohg’s Great Rune in Elden Ring

Here’s everything you should learn about how to activate Mohg’s Great Rune in the Elden Ring

Activate Mohg's Great Rune

The Demigods of Elden Ring are in possession of fragments from the title artifact, referred to in The Great Runes. The Great Runes have long since have lost their shine as their power was taken away by Demigods during the time that their creation. Shattering originally created them. If you defeat an Demigod they will give you their Great Rune, however you are able to unlock their full power by restoring their power at their respective Divine Tower. One of the most challenging Great Runes is that of Mohg God of Blood. This is how you can start Mohg’s Great Rune within the Elden Ring.

About Mohg Great Rune

Mohg is a fixture in Mohgwyn Palace which is a massive mausoleum that is located to the eastern part of the subterranean area that is part of the Siofra River. There are several ways to gain entry to the Palace however the fastest way is to complete the quest to White-Faced Varre that will earn your The bloody Finger object (which we just are able to provide a detailed guide for). When Varre hands his Bloody Finger to him a few more times and he’ll present your with the Pureblood Knight’s Medal which, when you use it from your inventory, instantly transports forward to get you through the entrance to Mohgwyn Palace. Be prepared for an plenty of blood, as the two Mohg and his followers are huge fans of the medal.

How to Activate Mohg’s Great Rune in Elden Ring

Once you’ve stopped Mohg’s flow and was granted his Great Rune The next step you’ll need to locate its Divine Tower. It can be complicated, since most Divine Towers are in the same place that the Demigod who has their own Great Rune. It’s not like there are Divine Towers in Siofra River however (there’s no space! ) So, where do you go to activate Mohg’s Rune?

If you’ve read the legends, you’ll know it’s true that Mohg has a twin sister of another demigod, Morgott, the Omen King. Morgott is a boss that you have to fight in Leyndell The Royal Capital, and his Great Rune is activated by near by the Divine Tower of East Altus. Because Mohg is the brother of Morgott and their Great Rune’s are interconnected, meaning that the identical Divine Tower can be activated for both.

In order to gain access to into the Divine Tower of East Altus You’ll need to defeat its guardians: they are the Fell Twins. They are Fell Twins are a pair of enormous big, bulbous ogres. One equipped with a huge axe and the other sporting huge cleaver. They strike like a freight train as you might expect, but they’re really not the smartest and are very slow to move. If you are able to take the two on in a separate way and stop them from getting in on them, they shouldn’t cause any trouble.

When the Fell Twins have been pushed gone then you’ll be able to go into to the Divine Tower of East Altus. The elevator will take you to the top of the tower and you’ll be able to see an inscription in red that you can interact with which allows Mohg’s Great Rune which will restore it to the full power it was before.

When Mohg’s Great Rifle is empowered the player to put it on at the Site of Grace and activate it using the Rune Arc. If Mohg’s Great Rune becomes in use, any enemies summoned Spirits are able to kill successfully will restore your health. If you also successfully infiltrate another player’s world using Mohg’s Great Rune in play and you’re able to obtain the Phantom Great Rune, an item that boosts close-by enemies within the world of the host for the event that you’d want to make life tougher for the enemy.

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