Xiaomi 200w HyperCharge mass production

Xiaomi 200w HyperCharge Mass Production

Xiaomi 200w hypercharge mass production: Xiaomi’s recent new report comes via MyDrivers in China claims. On the crazy idea of a 200w charger, Xiaomi Company will start its mass production in June 2022. Xiaomi claims that it would complete 100% in 8mints from a wired charger and 15mints from the wireless charger.

Xiaomi Officially called HyperCharge, the 200W wired and wireless charger was demoed earlier this year in May on a customized version of the Xiaomi Mi11 Pro. It had been ready to recharge the device’s custom-made 4,000 mAh battery from 0 to 100% capacity in only 15 minutes.

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It had been later revealed that 800 charge cycles using this technology would degrade the battery’s recharge health by 20%. A  report specifies that the 200W tech could debut on the highest-tier model of the Xiaomi Mi11’s successor, dubbed the “Xiaomi Mi12 Ultra.

When Xiaomi first demoed this technology, it never specified whether this technology would ever make it to a consumer device, it had been more of an indication that garnered the corporate many attention as more of a symbol of concept.

It’ll be interesting to ascertain charging speeds this fast on a commercially available smartphone. Devices that are currently available on the market can fully recharge A battery anywhere from a half-hour to quite two hours.

It was also revealed on Xiaomi’s official Twitter account. There you can see a video is posted by Xiaomi itself. In the video, it is clearly showed that this 200w charger can complete 10% in just 44 seconds and 50% charger in 3Minutes.

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