Who is Rat in Destiny 2

A lore drop has been added to give players some insight into the Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2. You’ve come to the right spot if you want to know who Rat is in Destiny 2. Although we don’t know the identity of Rat, there are some pieces of evidence that could help.

Who is Rat in Destiny 2

Keep up with messages on the H.E.L.M console to be informed of a secret message from Eris Morn. She talks about her struggle to find peace, and how she hopes to help others. She tells another person, “You told my to live my life.” You have more truth than we would like to believe in yourself.

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We feel that the above quote is important because one character has repeatedly told others to stop worrying about what the Traveller or other people want. To be more concerned about themselves, to find more joy in self-exploration and less self-sacrifice.

We now believe Rat is the Drifter. Eris has called him Rat before at the end the Prophecy Dungeon. Saint 14 also refers to Drifter, “that sad lonely and lonely rat-man who lives downstairs.”

Eris Morn also tells anyone the message is to her that she will be meeting her at the Lunar Pyramid. We know she and Drifter have been working together on the Pyramids investigation since the Season of Arrivals. We believe this gives them reason to think that they will once more team up to cause mischief.

While we don’t likely have much time to wait to discover the identity of Rat, there are enough clues to believe it to be Drifter.

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