Where to get The Sword of Morne in Elden Ring

Here’s everything you should be aware of to obtain this Sword of Morne in Elden Ring

Disclosure: I’ve not seen or even read Game of Thrones. Yet, I can recognize about the Iron Throne when I see it (even even if I don’t understand the significance) And as I noticed a specific sword when playing Elden Ring, I knew the legendary George R.R. Martin has slipped into his most beloved creation. If you have a character such as that to aid in your huge fantasy game, and it’s an expectation that you’ll get at the very least one reference. In case you’d prefer to take a look at the sword for yourself and you’re looking for a place you can get your hands on the Sword of Morne in Elden Ring.

If you are first entering to the Weeping Peninsula, situated just to the southwest of Limgrave and just past the Bridge of Sacrifice, you’ll meet an obliterated noblewoman named Irina. Irina was once an occupant at Castle Morne, located to the south of Limgrave, with her dad, Edgar acting as the castle’s warden. The castle is currently being occupied by the Misbegotten and Irina does not know whether Edgar is secure. She writes an address to mail to him, asking that he leave the castle and run for safe haven.

Where to get The Sword of Morne in Elden Ring

To obtain to obtain the Sword of Morne in Elden Ring it is necessary to beat Leonine Misbegotten.

If you reach Castle Morne and fight your way to its apex there’s a chance to see human soldiers fighting against some Misbegotten. Beyond them and up a flight of steps, you’ll spot Edgar who is contemplating the outcome of the battle. Send him the letter from Irina, and he’ll inform you that, while the castle is his desire to go the castle, he’s legally bound to guard the castle at all times, if not until he’s secured its ancient weapon which is that of the Sword of Morne.

Sword of Morne in Elden Ring

It turns out that the sword is owned by the boss of the region, Leonine Misbegotten, a massive and wolf-like Misbegotten who uses the sword to protect his. The sword will eventually be located behind the fog gate, which is located on a tiny island near the bottom of a route of ladders and parapets. Leonine is a huge and swift foe, frequently performing massive, explosive leaps as well as a series of quick attacks with his massive weapon. But, aside from the slashes, he doesn’t possess any tricks in his sleeves, so the best thing to do is summon some Spirits to assist you (I’m an avid fan of Skeletal Militiamen personally) and then try to do as much damage as you can, while his aggression isn’t directed towards you.

If you defeat Leonine when you defeat Leonine, he’ll drop the Blade of Morne. Blade Greatsword, which even though it has a different name is actually it’s the Sword of Morne that you’re seeking. It’s an impressive weapon when you’ve got the right stats.

  • Class of Weapon Colossal Sword
  • Damage Physical: 157 100 Critical
  • Scalings: STR C DEX E
  • Specifications: ST 40, DEX 14
  • Special Skills Oath of Revengeance. Increases all attributes and poise for around 30 seconds.

Return to Edgar at the top of the castle’s walls, and he’ll feel relieved to find the sword secured. He’ll even allow you to keep the sword! He’ll beg you to leave his position and return to Irina. Return to the place that you were with Irina and you’ll discover that Edgar did exactly that, and returned back to Irina… but only to discover she had the Misbegotten cleaver to her back. Whoops. Ah well, free sword!

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