Where to Get a Skinning Toolbag in Weird West

If you’re interested in starting the process of skinning, then you’ll need the Skinning Toolbag in Weird West.

Skinning is among the elements you’ll want to be familiar with when you first arrive in the Weird West. There are many kinds of animals that are available like deer, snakes bears, deer, and many more. To get the most out of your time it is recommended for your dead animals to be skinned to get their hides in order to create extravagant clothes. In this article we’ll go over how and where you can get an skinning Toolbag to use in the Weird West so you can begin skinning your animals and make use of their hides for great use.

Where to Get a Skinning Toolbag in Weird West

To get animals skinned within Weird West, you must first buy a Skinning Toolbag from the tailor. One of the tailors that you encounter is The Dagger Bones Trading Company located in Crackle. You will find the shop near the town’s center when you search to the upper right corner of your mini-map for the shirt symbol.

The name of the tailor for The Dagger & Bones Trading Company is Teresa Morgan. She offers a range of products such as the Skinning Toolbag that is available for purchase at between $70 and $80 dependent on the discounts offered by your merchant.

The tailor sells bows, clothes and ammunition, which includes firearm rounds, pistol slugs and bows. There are also some rough Deer Leather, Bison Hide, Superior Deer Leather, and Superior Snake Skin. It’s a good place to explore in case you need to buy ammo or fancy utilizing bows.

The tailor shop is also where you will locate a tanning booth and a tailoring shop where you can make garments that protect you from the dangers lurking within the Weird West. If you’re ever in Crackle and you’re in the area, stop by the’ Dagger & Bones Trading Co. for some shopping and purchase an Skinning Toolbag.

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