Where to get Quardun Fangs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Quardun Fangs can be found in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as a monster material. Quardun creatures come from the Codon clan. Codons look a lot like a seal. They are large, docile creatures that skim the water surface and lie on rocks for most of their time. Quarduns, a rare Codon variant, are difficult to find. This guide will show you where to find Quardun Fangs within Xenoblade Chronicles.

How to Find Quardun Fangs In Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Only one creature can drop Quardun Fangs: The Codon Quardun. These fangs can be used to create many of the middle- and starting-tier Gem upgrade options. The Quardun is itself a rare monster. Two variants of the Codon family are available: Quardun or Quarmu. Although these creatures can be found in the same area, Quarmu is almost four times more common than their rare cousins. Quardun can be found in the Great Cotte Falls area of the Pentelas. Once you start chapter three of your campaign, you will be able to enter this area. To begin your hunt, use the Titan Rock Camp Rest Spot.

Where to get Quardun Fangs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

After you have skipped to this location, you can walk down the hill and enter the lake. There will be many Codon’s and Piranhax packs, as well as other aquatic wildlife. Quardun and Quarmu are very similar in many ways, but they differ in two important areas. Quarduns are much larger than Quarmus. Quarduns also have larger tusks. You now know the characteristics of a Quardun and can engage them in combat for a chance to earn their fangs.

These creatures are level 28 so they won’t be a problem for groups of their level. These creatures don’t like to fight in groups and their attacks are quite weak for their size. They will be found in this lake with four to five at a time. After you have cleared them out, return to Titan Rock Camp and they will respawn. Rinse and Repeat the process until you have as many Quardun Fangs in Xenoblade Chronicles. Get another guide to liberate colonies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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