Where to get pumpkins in the Tower of Fantasy

The pumpkin is a staple food found in Tower of Fantasy, and as with other foods that you can find in your game you’ll be able to cook with them and for eating. Consuming Pumpkin recipes and eating it raw can bring back some mental health, provide different health benefits and boosts. It’s certainly worth getting your hands on some pumpkins at Tower of Fantasy. But, getting them can be difficult, since it is only handful of places to purchase pumpkins. In addition you must be aware of a restriction for those who want to locate pumpkins in the Tower of Fantasy, depending on your location.

The best pumpkin spot within the Tower of Fantasy

Be aware that the only location where you can purchase pumpkins are Vera, which is an exclusive Chinese area at the time of writing. This means you will not find any pumpkins or recipes at the moment. The only way to obtain pumpkins and the related recipes once the new version is released.

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In Vera there are pumpkins that typically be found at the edge of belts of quicksand. In the maps, you will locate three quicksand belts within the south-facing region of the Silent Oasis. Once you’re there take a look at the quicksand beltsand you’ll be able to spot pumpkins around the edges. They appear as if they’re rising from the ground, and appear greenish in colour. There will be plenty of them on each belt and you’ll be able to collect enough.

The pumpkins can help you recover an additional 5 percent of your sanity and also 400, which can be extremely beneficial in a variety of situations, particularly when you’re close to be killed. In addition, you can use pumpkins to prepare various meals such as Pumpkin Porridge that can help you tremendously when playing. Once you have found a pumpkin and you’ll be able to unlock a variety of delicious recipes.

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