Where to get Bewitching Branches in Elden Ring

Lets find out the best ways to get Bewitching Branches in Elden Ring.

The Lands Between of Elden Ring are a hostile place during the best of times. The majority of people and everything you meet will try to kill you right away or attempt to kill you after you’ve come to familiarize yourself with them. The only allies that to count on are the summoned spirits however, if you’re not afraid of unsavory magic, you could create some new acquaintances. Here’s how to get Bewitching Branches in Elden Ring.

What is Bewitching Branches

Bewitching Branches are consumable objects within Elden Ring. If you make use of one, you’ll burn a portion of your FP, then thrust the branch forward towards you. The person that is struck by the branch will be struck with charms and will make them fight their allies for your benefit. The effect will not last forever However, even just a few minutes of help could be enough to change the course.

Where to get Bewitching Branches in Elden Ring

There are four methods to acquire captivating Branches but only one of them is viable:

  • Use it as a keepsake
  • Find a body part to loot
  • Buy five at a time from a vendor
  • Craft yourself

Getting Bewitching Branches as a Keepsake

When you create your characters at the beginning in the game you’ll have the option of choosing the Bewitching Branch as the Keepsake item that you’ll start with. It’s not a good idea, however since it’s only a single-use item, and also because choosing it as your Keepsake will mean you’ll have to choose something that’s more practical, like that of the Golden Seed.

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Looting Bewitching Branch

If you’re located in the Weeping Peninsula region, you’ll be able to get the Bewitching Branch for free. Go to the ruins due north of to the Minor Erdtree in the region’s middle and you’ll discover one corpse, with bats. Find the corpse and you’ll find an elongated Branch.

Buying Bewitching branches

If you have some Runes to spare, to the Nomadic Merchant located near Bellum Church in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. There are five Bewitching Branches available, and he’ll offer them for you at 1,600 Runes per piece. When you’ve bought all of them there’s no way to get more.

Crafting Bewitching Branches

The most effective method to obtain beguiling Branches is to make these yourself, although, obviously, it will require some work. It’s first necessary to get through Mohgwyn Palace in the underground region. You can reach it via the special teleporter found within the Consecrated Snowfield, or using your Pureblood Knight’s Medal given to you by White-Faced Varre after completing his quest within the Rose Church.

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After you’ve been to the Palace for the first time, swiftly take a trip through the Roundtable Hold and ask Gideon to inform him of the place of Mohg. You’ll be rewarded with Fevor’s Cookbook 3, which contains the recipe for Bewitching branches. All you need is the Sacramental Bud and Miquella’s Lily for the creation of one.

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