Where to find the Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor in Lost Ark

One quest in Lost Ark is eating away from the community. This quest is no other than the Soul Left in X301. To complete this quest, you will need to locate a trio of elusive items. While easy to obtain the first two items, the third item will require trial . How to find the Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor, which is the third item in The Soul left in X301.

Where to Find the Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor

Although it hurts me to say it, it isn’t as simple as “go to this spot and you’ll find it” Once you have found the other two item the Steel Diver’s Arm Circuitry, and the Steel Diver’s Joint Rivet, it will be time to move on to the third item, the eye sensor that was left behind by a secret bases guard. The problem is that secret base guards can spawn in any of three locations on Starlight Isle.

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This is not the perfect solution. However, you might want to visit every location until you find the right guard. The locations can be viewed on the map.

  • Just left of the center.
  • Near an alcove-like area, to the lower-right
  • To the lower left, within a corridor-like area.

After finding them, will evisceratethe min-boss to reveal the holy grail the Eye Sensor. You’ll then repair B-0031. This will allow you to open the second part of the mission, retrieving the soul, I-202.

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