Where to find the “Do Not Listen” Tape in MADiSON

There are many secrets that can be found in the home in MADiSON. You could see red instant camera photos scattered around that can be considered a collectible. One of the less-known objects can be found in an item called the “Do Not Listen” Tape. If you can get this item, it will earn you the You Don’t Need to Have Listened award. This guide will explain how to find this tape as well as the things you need to acquire it.

What items are needed to get the tape?

Before you access the tape, you’ll need to locate the crowbar. The crowbar is located within the basement area of the home, which is that is where you will find the generator. You’ll need to pass through the red door you entered earlier during the tale. The only change is that you’ll need the key to open the door in place of the instant camera. The crowbar is the sole requirement to get the tape.

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What is the tape and how to get it

Do Not Listen Tape

“Do not Listen” tape “Do Not Listen” Tape is a warning from the grandmother of the main character to warn people who listen to the tape about Blue Knees. As with other cassette tapes this one too “Do Not Listen” Tape is designed to be played through the grandpa’s cassette player at home. house.

After you have the crowbar, go towards the attic. It is likely that you have completed the attic part of the game previously, when you had to solve the puzzle of the portrait. You may remember the floorboard raised in this part of the attic. Make use of the crowbar that is on the floorboard that is raised near the ladder utilized to enter the attic. Grab the tape when the board is out the way. To achieve the prize, you’ll need you to place the tape using the cassette player located near the kitchen. This will earn you the You Shouldn’t Be Listened Achievement.

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